A few simple credit card ways to wash the hair off hair dumps

Nowadays, 90% of women dye their hair. When choosing the desired color, it is very difficult to find the right paint, which will fit perfectly on your hair. Very often incidents occur, and it is not possible to achieve the desired result. For example, the paint can take places, paint only the hair and roots that have not been dyed, or the color with an unnecessary shade. In this case, the girl tries to paint it urgently, highlight it and as a result spoils her hair. How to wash off not the necessary result, after unsuccessful dyeing of hair?

Several ways to wash away the unsuccessful result of staining [/ b]
Naturally, no one canceled the hairdresser, in which you will be asked to paint over the resulting color or a special drug that washes off the paint. But it is worth noting that special washings of paint do not spare the hair, but only have a detrimental effect on them.

There are several home methods that will preserve your hair and your wallet. Give your card dumps hair freshness, volume and protect against brittleness.

- The first way is simple and easy - it's butter. Every housewife has vegetable or olive oil. You can also use butter or margarine. Oil - easily removes the shade you do not need.

You will only need one glass of vegetable oil and a teaspoon of margarine. Melt on the fire until you tolerate the temperature (so as not to burn the scalp) and apply to the hair for several hours. It is desirable to wrap in cellophane and a towel. After rinse with shampoo several times thoroughly.

- The second method is very helpful, especially if you want to lighten the hair lightly. With the help of kefir or curdled milk, you can easily lighten at least a half tone.

A glass of yogurt should be applied to the hair. Kefir should be at room temperature. Wrap hair with cellophane and wrap in a towel. So it takes about two hours, then rinse thoroughly. In a few days, to get the best result, this method can be repeated.

- The third way is very simple. To do this you will need a laundry soap, which is available in almost every home. You will need to lightly moisten all the hair and soap thoroughly with soap. Then wrap your hair and wash it off after half an hour. This method dries your hair very much, so after washing soap, you need to apply the hair to the bases and leave it for 10 minutes, then wash it off. This option will allow you to get rid of the green and yellowish hue obtained after staining.

After such washing off of unsuccessful coloring, it will be possible to dye your hair in the color you desired only after a few days. For the purpose of the result of dyeing, it is recommended to check on one separate hair strand, and after the result you received, the desired result is to stain all the hair. always buy credit card dumps their presence guarantees success



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