Neodymium magnet and treasure hunt

Recently, the so-called search magnets have become popular. I, as an educated person, having rather the right outlook on life, wondered, but what is all this for?

He began to study the commercial component of this subject and the picture became clear.

So, there are 2 types of people who earn with the help of magnets. Alone, those who sell neodymium permanent magnets. Carry them from China, sell, and they are popular is not small. The fact is that a powerful magnet can stop almost any counter, whether electric or gas. Accordingly, we have plenty of people who love freebies, and magnets are selling well.

Another type of people is really treasure hunters. However, without hesitation, I realized that no treasure could be found using a magnet. And all this business is done by ordinary scrap collectors. Yes, for a long time all the scrap metal, which was lying on the street, was collected and handed over. But the one that lies in the water is still inaccessible to ordinary homeless people.

With a magnet there are excellent opportunities, for a day, I think you can get a full trailer of scrap out of the water. And imagine that you are doing this every day, and how many of us have many different reservoirs?

The conclusion is obvious, it is a profitable business, but with its own specifics. No romance is here, nothing valuable can not be found. This is a story from the category of those that went during the years of perestroika, when they collected burned light bulbs and took out the filament from them. Or a story about cigarette ash.

For myself, in buying a magnet, I see only a means to get additional entertainment. I often go fishing, I would like to get something metal out of the water. For example someone's torn off anchor, or expensive lures of other fishermen.

Also, I have information that my late grandfather drowned in the river a rifle that my father dabbled with. There is no grandfather, and a rifle somewhere lies at the bottom. I am sure that she is no longer in working condition, but my father said, if you get it, I will know for sure. My grandfather, before throwing out with anger, banged it on a wooden deck and bent the trunk a little.

I would love to hang it on the wall and remember about my loved ones. Big lists hot actresses on the page

And so, in such cases this occupation can be justified. Otherwise, it is not serious and does not cause confidence. You can handle scrap metal without a magnet. When demolishing old buildings, there is always something to live by. These are railings and lift shafts and floor beams.

As for stopping the counter, it is punishable. That's all.



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