Uncertainty prevented the restoration work

- We are usually ready for a thousand unusual situations, but it happens, there is some unforeseen, one thousand one. For 27 years of domestic manned cosmonautics there was no such case. When the engine automatically decelerated during braking before the time, we realized: something happened. Reported to the Flight Control Center. Then the engine started again. And this time we ourselves had to turn it off - otherwise we would have sat somewhere in the south of China. By the way, spare landing areas are planned in case of emergency circumstances - depressurization, ignition, high level of radiation, etc. - in different parts of the world: in the USA, France, Austria, just in the ocean. In this case, since the situation was controlled, having consulted with the Earth, postponed landing for a day. The most unpleasant thing was that we found ourselves without a home compartment, which means that without water, food, and even in spacesuits. But they passed the test and, most importantly, on September 7 safely landed in the designated area.

Then the "Protons" had a trip to Afghanistan.

"The people met us with flowers and smiles," V. Lyakhov said, "and the Dushmans with shots." The central street of Kabul, through which Ahad and I drove in an open car, was fired with rockets. Several people died, were wounded. As I said in an interview at the plane's ramp, the dushmans' shots are considered a salute in their honor.

... Long on this memorable day did not leave Ilyichevsk star brothers: visited the school of young cosmonauts, at a meeting in the port club ...

The "Protons" have returned, but the space watch continues.

Master or cabman?

"I am a cabman: what I am told, I do," V. Pavlov, the captain of Novorossiysk tanker, loves to repeat, emphasizing that he does not mean this seriously. However, there is a great deal of truth in that phrase. It would seem that after the transfer of the Novorossiisk Shipping Company to self-financing and self-financing from day labor, thoughtless performance should not remain a trace. But alas!

However, I'll tell you about everything, as in the ship's journal, in order. From the flight that preceded my exit to the sea, Novorossiysk arrived in Tuapse on August 3. After 2-3 days, stipulated by the regulations, he must load his tanks with gasoline (it was possible to perform this operation for 33 hours). I hurried to the road. Yes, in vain. The tanker did not leave in due time. On the phone calls involved in loading services answered:

- The waste is unknown. You'll find out tomorrow after the dispatching meeting.

Tomorrow everything remained the same. Uncertainty prevented many hours of restorative work on the ship. Botsun A. Kolontai did not leave for Novorossiysk to attend the wedding of his daughter. His presence in the mooring is mandatory.

I did not wait for the clarification of the withdrawal, I arrived in Tuapse on 10 August. The ship was still rocking at the pier. To find out the reasons for delaying the parking, I agreed to meet the captain with the director of the Tuapse oil depot, A. Yarovenko. I believed that there will be mutual claims, an interested conversation about the problem. Then everything will turn out. Hope was in vain.

The director calmly informed that simple vessels waiting for oil products are three times longer than the time spent on cargo operations. For the proof, he pointed to a raid where there were more than a dozen tankers.

A. Yarovenko in his own way, intelligibly explained: you see, the sailors, the blunder left, there was no cargo. It seems to be a small misunderstanding, and not he alone is to blame. You will listen: it's a sin to be offended by him, a conscientious person.

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