Pump and water pressure

If there is insufficient water pressure in the tubes of the existing water supply system, this can cause abnormal operation of washing and dishwashers, sewerage, shower cabins, heating and create other household troubles. For sufficient pressure of both cold and hot water, a pump is used to increase the water pressure.
To determine the question of which pump to increase the water pressure in the apartment is necessary, you need to have some knowledge about these devices. Let's start with the fact that pressure-boosting water pumps are structurally designed with a dry and wet rotor.
In dry boosters, the motor is isolated from the water environment. These are quite powerful pumps and are more often used in factories and industrial production shops. For domestic use, pumps with a wet rotor are used, that is, the rotor rotates in the liquid while cooling from the water and getting wet lubrication. These pumps also have a number of other advantages: the rotor is in an airtight case and insulated from the stator, all the nozzles are on the same side and are the same size, a pump is made of quality materials.
Water pumps to increase the pressure produced by various domestic and foreign firms. Naturally, they have different technical and operational characteristics, they have their own advantages and limitations. But among them there are the most common brands that are in high demand. And people are constantly looking for information about them. The water pressure increase pump can be purchased via the Internet on the sites of companies that manufacture and sell pumps. , can be purchased directly at retail outlets, or ordered online. Common brands of pumps:
water pressure boosting pump Grundfos UPA 15-90;
water pressure boosting pump Wilo PB.
This pump can be used for both open water distribution systems and for connection to a water supply network. Structural accessory - wet rotor. Operates in automatic mode, can be connected and switched off manually.
Wilo is a pump that is used in decentralized water supply, it can raise the water pressure capacity in offices and houses, in factories, in production and in fire hoses that is used for pumping water.
Wilo is a centrifugal pump, has modern instrumentation, a membrane pressure tank, on a welded frame of stainless steel and is made of corrosion-resistant materials.
Also wilo produce a pump to increase the pressure of hot water - the Wilo-Economy CO / T-1 MVI / ER pumping unit. The principle of operation of this installation is similar to other centrifugal pumps.
The prices for the pump hanging water pressure depend on their designations, specifications. Before buying, determine the required capacity and functions, so as not to overpay. En conséquence, la prochaine fois lequel toi-même devez acheter Cialis sans ordonnance , visitez seul clinique pendant hachure enregistrée puis commandez un neuf paquet en tenant pilules en tenant tadalafil après une consultation médicale.



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