My stepfather ruined my life

I decided to share a terrible story that happened in my life. I'm not very pleased to tell all this, but maybe my story will help other mothers to think and be more attentive to their children and chosen ones.

My dad died when I was 6 years old. Two years later my mother met another man and married him. At first everything was fine, he did not offend me, and we lived normal. But three years later he began to drink heavily and lost his job. He was at home and drank while Mom worked two jobs to feed the whole family. She was very tired and often went to night shifts. I almost did not see her and really missed her. My stepfather began to drive to our home his friends, with whom they drank and rustled. I tried at such moments not to leave my room, I sat quietly, did my homework and did my own business.
One day, when Mom went back to the night shift, his friends again came to him. I sat in my room, but I wanted to drink water and left the room. His friends noticed me and immediately called to him. I approached, and they began to touch me, trying to put me in my arms. I was very unpleasant, and my stepfather did not say a word to them, just looked and laughed.

I broke free and ran to my room. Half an hour later my stepfather came to me and said that I was already big and could help my mother support my family. What for touching me for intimate places, his friends are ready to pay money. Of course, I did not want to, then he hit me and said that if I resist and disagree, he will make my mother very ill. I was frightened, I loved my mother very much, and did not want to be badly done to her. When my stepfather came out of my room, one of his friends entered her and attacked me. He began to touch all the intimate places and undress me. Everything ended in the fact that he raped me, then another friend repeated all these actions. Since then, every meeting between my stepfather and his friends has turned into hell for me. He just turned me into a prostitute. First they drank and rested, and then in turn drunk and nasty broke into my room and raped me. He, of course, forbade his mother to tell what was happening while she was at work, threatening me, and I was silent. Then he himself began to rape me, said, since mom is always at home, and she can not give him feminine warmth, I must do it for her. He constantly caressed me, touched his chest and forced me to suck his manhood.

So a whole year passed. It seemed to me that this horror would never end. But one day in one of these evening my mother came home from work. She got sick and she took time off. When she went into the apartment, she saw her stepfather with her friends, who drank and had fun. Then she went to my room, just at the moment when one of my stepfather's friends pestered me. She started screaming and pounced on him with her fists. My mother began to protect me with all her might. The man left the room, she began to hug me and comfort me. Then I decided to tell her everything that my stepfather made me do this year. She became very angry, ran out of my room and drove everyone out of the apartment, including my stepfather. Since then, I have not seen him again, and I did not want to. Mom left the second job and began spending more time with me. Life has improved, but nothing will fix that which happened. My mother blamed herself for everything and always begged my forgiveness.



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