Knowledge helps to foresee the future with greater probability. Many phenomena occurring around and in us show directionality. People constantly deal with such processes, the final result of which (the “target”) is known ahead of time. Suppose there are two completely isolated countries. First they produced the same car brand. What will happen after several decades of further isolated evolution of cars in that and in another country? Of course, there will be cars here and there that are not similar to the first one. But if the overall technical progress of both countries went at about the same pace, there is no doubt that, after the isolation, new brands of cars in these countries will turn out to be in principle similar. A similar experience was carried out by nature with various primitive tribes. Even those that developed in isolation from each other — not only in space, but also “in time” (different continents and different epochs) - created approximately the same tools and similarly updated their primitive technique. Slaveholding tribes of ancient America and Egypt find so much in common (even the pyramids) that researchers see this as a continuity of cultures. Evidence of the relocation of some Egyptian groups to America, and even the existence of the legendary Atlantis. In our time, under the strictest secrecy, some countries have independently invented atomic and hydrogen bombs, space rockets.

There are many independent discoveries by several scientists from different countries of the same law of nature. The initial material (machine, stone tools, buildings, rockets, hypotheses) already contains a future, more perfect form. The material itself “directs” its further evolution. Of the two-cylinder internal combustion engine, a six-cylinder will naturally be born. But the rocket engine will not come out of it, whatever improvements were introduced. Similarly, if a certain group of facts substantiates Newton's law, this does not mean that such facts will eventually reveal the uncertainty principle or the laws of thermodynamics. Well, if in such primitive schemes we recognize the inevitability of laws and neglect accidents, then everything should be a hundred times brighter and more definite in the phenomenon of cephalization. This is a process in which there is practically no room for chance. The last statement indicates, perhaps, that cephalization has no direct roots in the microworld. And we, even knowing the complete decoding of the genetic code, could not read in the spiral of human deoxyribonucleic acid a detailed description of the future individual. The evolutionary process is a transition from more likely forms of life to less likely ones. The transition from the microworld, the kingdom of chance, to the macroworld is the kingdom of necessity, law. This transition is regulated and directed from the outside. However, at the same time, absorbing the complexity of the surrounding world, the organism itself becomes more and more isolated. The organism is a microcosm. It reflects the environment and serves as its model. The more complex the environment becomes, the more difficult the model becomes.

The main function of our brain is to create a model. The same main function is in science (a derivative of the brain.) In this sense, our brain is a microcosm in the microcosm, and the mind is a product of the brain, an intangible model of the world. In animals with the nervous system and especially with the brain, the ability to foresee is well developed. They predict the future with sufficient accuracy and due to signs that are so insignificant for us that sometimes we fail to notice them. For example, the accuracy of some predictions of weather by birds (sometimes even long-term forecasts) would honor any bureau of forecasts. Falcon beating a bird on the fly; a wolf running across the path of the lamb; a frog grabbing a flying midge with its sticky tongue; a bee returning to the trough at different times of the day — many such examples of foresight can be cited. Nothing of the kind would have happened without modeling (unconscious, of course) occurring in the nervous system. Falcon has an idea of ​​the position of the victim in a few seconds; The bee, guided by the sun, amends its model of the path from the hive to the trough in accordance with the movement of the star. You can replace the word "model" with the word "memory." It is only necessary to remember that a model is not necessarily conscious, reasonably constructed. It may not even be associated with living beings (the lake is a model of the sea, the novel is a model of the life of society, in geological chronology it is a model of the development of the planet). We invite you to visit the official chat BongaCams https://www.similarcams.com/bongacams and play free sex chat with girls!



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