Methods to get rid of polyps in the colon

Typically, polyps in large intestine removed by surgery. But not always this is the only effective method, except that you can try to overcome the disease using traditional medicines.

For the treatment of polyps in the colon, traditional medicine recommends the use of an enema on the basis of fresh celandine.

For the preparation of the drug necessary to dig Celandine together with roots. Then it was washed well under running water, a little dried and passed completely through the meat grinder. From the resulting pulp squeeze the juice. To find the right dosage of juice using the following formula. Per kilogram of body weight is no longer taken 0.75 grams of juice, but in the total mass of juice to prepare an enema should not exceed sixty grams.

When you have calculated the amount of juice, you should move on to the preparation of the most therapeutic enema. Celandine juice diluted with cooled boiled water 1:10. Before you should start treatment within three hours prior to the procedure to clean the intestines by means of cleansing enema

Enter the contents of the enema with celandine must be lying on his left side. After the introduction of the means recommended to be in such a position up to one hour, but ideally - a little more, until the composition does not completely suck the intestinal walls. Total should spend between six and ten of such procedures in a single course. Data exchange can be carried out no more than two times a year - one in August and the end of October, and the other - in May and June. Each procedure is performed only with the use of fresh juice, if you take pre-cooked, then the effect will not be.

In addition to enemas with celandine it is recommended to be taken orally and tincture of plants. For its preparation is also used fresh plant by the roots. Celandine is washed and dried a little, and then it is passed through a meat grinder and squeeze the juice from the pulp. Now the juice is mixed with an equal amount of vodka, pour into a bowl, well it was closed and put a dark place for ten days.

When the infusion is ready, it is taken for five days on a teaspoon an hour before a meal. Starting from the sixth day, the tincture take a tablespoon. Both in the first and in the second case, for making the infusion is diluted with water. Traditional medicine advised to continue to take the tincture before the time, until fully recovered. gsm усилитель сигнала



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