Mercedes SLR McLaren

In this article we will pay attention to the supercar of German origin, which won the hearts of many fans of fast driving and it's Mercedes McLaren.
This car is the embodiment of true racing magic, when designing projects related to the legendary formula-1 were used, thanks to this model quickly got accustomed to the roads and became widely known.
In appearance the car resembles a shark, brightly accentuated side and front parts of the body, resemble shark gills, with the help of this excellent airflow is achieved when driving, and this solution protects the engine from overheating. In the back there is a movable spoiler, which, when pressed on the brake pedal, changes its position and thus helps the car to stop. The bottom is smooth, which indicates the unimpeded passage of air, and also adds stability when driving. The composition of the body is an anticorrosive carbon fiber, this choice is due to the reduction in weight, as a result, the weight of the equipped car was 1766 kg, a pretty good result.
Main characteristics and price:
The price of the car varies from $ 440,000 and sometimes even reaches $ 550,000, to say that the price is too high, because it took many times more money, time and effort to develop and recreate this car. So let's look under the hood to see if this brand is worth a heap of discarded money.
Engine: manual assembly, consists of aluminum alloy (to achieve the maximum light weight), a volume of 5.5 liters, brand AMG V 8, power reaches 625 hp. at a speed of 6500 rpm, is equipped with two turbochargers, which in principle proves the uniqueness and power of this engine.
 Brake system: 8 front calipers, as well as 4 rear calipers. In addition to this, an electro-hydraulic control system is installed, which monitors the braking of each wheel individually, and there is also an electronic stability system during extreme driving.
 Transmission: five-speed, automatic, AMD Speed ​​Shift brand, the car has a rear-wheel drive (which facilitates the control at high speed, and also compensates for the ease of the car), speed up to 100 km / h. is recruited in 3.6 seconds, and to 200 in just 10.2. The maximum developed speed is 345 km / h.
 After evaluating all the parameters, everyone will answer for themselves whether such a masterpiece of the world market of cars of such investments is worth. Quality, individual approach and years of hard work have turned into more than the desired result. Free Live Sex Cams And Free Sex Chat



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