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Today, many people ask the question: “Why do we need respirators, leggings, mounting belt, mittens, protective mittens and other protective clothing and footwear?” So it turns out that not a single large enterprise, not even the smallest company engaged in the production process, can do without special clothing. Where working conditions are associated with a certain health risk, special clothing is required. Special protective equipment is required for employees working in conditions of low or high temperature, in areas of high chemical or biological hazard and other harsh conditions. Many try to save on workwear, however, as practice has shown, this is not worth doing, as savings can go sideways. For example, without proper protection of hands and a respirator, an employee working with toxic chemicals may be seriously injured and become unsuitable for further work.
NAME is engaged in selling and sewing workwear to order! In our assortment you will find mounting belts, respirators, wafer cloth, non-woven cloth, leggings, clothing to protect hands and other body parts. Hand protection is a very important element of workwear, to which we pay special attention. In our assortment you will find these types of hb gloves of our production:
hb gloves
PVC gloves
latex gloves
knitted gloves
nitrile gloves
other work gloves.
All the proposed TITLE overalls meet all modern requirements that apply to it. This applies to both protective and hygienic properties. In addition, we also pay attention to the appearance and style of the proposed workwear. For example, a respirator, buy, which can be in our store has high technical characteristics and has an aesthetic appearance. In addition to the fact that the proposed wafer cloth, non-woven cloth, mounting belt, leggings, respirators, mittens, protective mittens, knitted cotton gloves, latex gloves, work gloves, as well as other overalls, allow the employee not only to comfortably perform their functions, but also have nice appearance. All overalls are made of special fabrics that allow you to create reliable and durable products with a high level of durability and a pleasant aesthetic appearance.
We offer our clients a wide range of various models of workwear for different types of activities. It is the TITLE that will not only provide you with the widest choice of workwear, but also help you choose the right option.



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