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To date can not be called modern education ideal. Play best gun games on the site. Often, instead of erudite, I try every day to replenish their knowledge, skills, and abilities the student, the average school in our country after the 11th grade is given to the parents of the teenager, who is sometimes very difficult to learn. He disappears desire to learn something new and get additional education. On this basis, there is a corresponding question: "What qualities should a child that he kept the desire to learn more?".

Do not be afraid to ask - the main factor in successful employment. When the teacher says a phrase along the following lines: "Do you have any questions?", It is an ordinary and formal character. Often, the teacher at the end of the explanation of the new themes can not properly raise the question and gives the answer fuzzy. In other cases, the teacher at all can not wait for the appropriate response. For some time the child loses the ability to ask certain questions. Leads to loss is the main method of obtaining knowledge.

Independent problem solving brings in a child responsibility and courage. The child at school must be able to solve its tasks diverse nature, not involving in this adults. On the contrary, only parents should help the child. Begin with a simple and gradually complicate the task. For example, first he offered his own efforts to prepare themselves for the workplace drawing or performing forgeries. He needs to find a paint jar into the water and the album. This approach allows the child to divide the main task into several groups.

A small child should be able to stay at home alone, so that later do not be afraid. To do this, he left the house during the daytime. This procedure lasts between 5-10 minutes and can be up to an hour. Immediately increase the time a child is not alone. Each time, he needs to give specific examples. When he was able to be home alone for a few hours, it accustom to be alone at night.

To bring up the courage in the child - the most important task of parents. Each child as they grow older need to understand the role of parents and others in this world. A person should always stand up for their parents, relatives and friends, not to give offense to the weak, help the elderly and helpless.

Homeland Security - the main indicator of courage. So, every boy should be ready to serve in the army. To this should be treated in advance - do sports, do not drink alcoholic beverages and tobacco products. 



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