Summer menu for your health

Summer is a wonderful time for active recreation, long walks, entertaining trips. But summer is also a wonderful and most suitable time for bringing your body in order. "How?" - you ask, and we will answer "From inside!".
Winter is a complex test for the digestive system. Heavy, heavy food, getting into the stomach, is digested for a long time, causing unpleasant feelings of congestion, excessive satiety.
But this is not the worst, worse is that our body suffers greatly from the accumulated slag in it.
In summer it is very easy to help yourself with a very useful and simple menu. You do not need to be a highly qualified chef to manage to cook a miracle of the dish, of which this menu consists. Especially the most necessary ingredients grow right on your garden - this is, as you already guessed, delicious and healthy vegetables.
We bring to your attention a simple menu for one day of summer ration.
In the morning, cook the scrambled eggs with greens and a salad. The scrambled eggs are as follows: take the greens of dill, parsley, cilantro (any for your taste), finely chop it, pour it into a small container (for example, a glass or a bowl).
The required number of eggs (at the rate of three pieces for two), break into the same container, salt to taste and mix well with the greens. The resulting mass is poured onto a heated frying pan with a small amount of vegetable oil (the fire should be medium) and bring it to the ready.
Salad can be prepared from the following ingredients: salad greens, cucumbers, tomatoes. Greens can (and preferably) add a wide variety: parsley, dill, basil, coriander, fennel ... Fantasize, choose "vitamins from the garden" to your taste.
All components of the salad chop with a knife, add a little vegetable oil, salt, mix well. Do not use mayonnaise at all! You can still eat them during the long winter, when tables break from salads such as "olivier", "herring under the fur coat" and the like.
For lunch, we recommend cooking such dishes: a light soup with meatballs, boiled potatoes with butter and greens. Cooking them is easy! Pour two pots of water into two.
Put well washed young potatoes in one. Clean it and cut the tubers do not need: first, because the potato peel contains a storehouse of vitamins, and secondly, if you cook whole potatoes, the vitamins contained in it will not be destroyed, and you will save their benefits as much as possible.
Put this saucepan on a fire-this will be the second. While it is brewed, take up soup. First you need to "blind" the meatballs: cut the lean pork into small pieces, cut half of the bulb into several pieces and scroll it through a meat grinder or make minced meat in a food processor.
It is necessary to break one egg into minced meat so that it "keeps the form". After you carefully mix the mince, blend small balls-meatballs.
Put them to boil in a second pan of water. Next, the young green leaves of cabbage and potatoes slice and put in boiling water (to meatballs). Prepare a refueling: one head of onions. Покупаем техническое серебро дорого



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