Marble floor crystallization

In order for a marble or granite floor to have a flawless appearance, you must regularly look after it. Just washing is not enough. Both granite and marble require periodic grinding. If you neglect such procedures, then floors made of natural stone will quickly lose their original appearance. But artificial stone floors also require special care, only with its help they can look spectacular for a long time.

The procedure, which makes the marble surface strong and resistant to wear, is called crystallization of the marble floor. Crystallization after polishing and polishing the stone allows the marble to return to its original noble mirror appearance. Polishing allows the marble to return to its former appearance only if it is carried out regularly, and not from time to time. Mandatory crystallization of the marble floor is carried out immediately after the installation of the floor.
That is, the crystallization of the marble floor can be called with confidence the renewal of the surface of the stone. Crystallization technology involves applying a special composition to a previously polished surface of a stone, which subsequently provides the surface with a well-groomed appearance and luster. Due to the content of a large amount of calcium in such a composition, the structure of the stone is restored and strengthened, microcracks are sealed, protection against the appearance of new minor injuries appears.
Qualitatively carried out crystallization of the floor allows you to extend its service life, while simplifying normal cleaning. After this procedure, the marble floor can be washed using conventional means, without fear that the stone will lose its appearance.
The NAME company offers a service of crystallization of marble floors. The process of crystallization of floors consists of several mandatory steps:
dry cleaning the surface of marble, removing dust and debris, processing the floor with an alkaline composition. Alkali removes stubborn dirt, the remains of the old protective layer and varnish. After that, the coating is washed with clean water and dried,
At this stage, a special technique is used that removes minor scratches, bumps and other damage. The difference of surfaces is leveled to a uniform level. For this, grinding diamond disks are used, the rigidity of which depends on how badly the surface of the stone is damaged,
polishing process. At this stage, thinner abrasive materials are used than at the grinding stage. After this stage, the marble becomes smooth and a slight shine appears,
crystallization of marble floors. This stage gives the floor a mirror shine. It uses a metal film composition and special thermal disks,
covering the marble floor with a special tool that gives the marble a noble antique shade and protects the stone from water and dirt, preserving its color and appearance.
The technology of crystallization of marble floors is laborious and takes a lot of time. In order to get a truly high-quality processing result, you need to contact the professionals. TITLE has the necessary experience, quality equipment and supplies. We will bring any marble flooring in your home, apartment or office in an impeccable look, they will look well-groomed and have a perfect mirror shine. As slots machines apareceram no mundo dos cassinos não por acaso, mas por serem um dos jogos mais envolventes que se ... Slots com Dinheiro Real trazem cada vez mais apostadores para os cassinos online. Jogos pagos, além de lucrativos trazem uma emoção extra a sua aposta.



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