Beauty from the inside: useful tips

Hikes for expensive cosmetologists are not always successful: even a seemingly innocuous cleaning of the face can lead to damage to the vessels and leave behind the nets and red inflammations. In order not to have such consequences, you need to take care of your beauty in time, that is, about your health.

Tip # 1

C in the morning on an empty stomach drink a glass of water. This will solve the problems with the gastrointestinal tract and normalizes the work of your stomach. For his work answers the upper part of our face - the forehead. Think, if you have a rash on your forehead, then it is worth checking out the stomach.

Tip # 2

Treat in the morning skin face lotion without alcohol, and then a daily moisturizing face cream. Very effective mask, which is easy to prepare at home: mix flakes of oatmeal, olive oil and freshly squeezed orange juice and apply evenly to the entire face. After 5 minutes, rinse.

Board number 3

Accurate circular movements massage the face without stretching it. This will ensure the flow of blood and normalizes the operation of blood vessels. In addition, the daily procedure prevents premature aging of the skin, preserving its youth and elasticity.

Tip # 4

Take a contrast shower. It is useful not only for the stable functioning of the nervous system and cardiac muscles, but also for your beauty. The contrast shower keeps youth and makes your body elastic. A regular procedure increases life expectancy.

Tip # 5

Do not use age cream beforehand - this can prematurely age your skin. Each cream is intended for a certain age category, which is indicated on the product packaging. In the pharmacy, you can tell which cream is most suitable for your facial skin.

Tip # 6

Do not overcool. Subcooling leads to a rash on the lower triangle of the face, caused by cystitis or pyelonephritis. To keep the beauty, always make sure that your feet are warm. If this does happen, then drink vegetable syrup instead of antibiotics.

Tip # 7

Do not squeeze or touch the rash on the face. If they have appeared, give time that they left themselves and adjust a food with an abundance of drink and fruit. If this does not help, then contact an endocrinologist to check the hormonal background. Most often, acne is caused by an imbalance of hormones.

Tip # 8

Observe the sleep and rest. Your biological clock should be arranged in the following way: sleep no later than 23-00, and rise at 7-00. Such a regime will reduce stressful situations and save you from possible health problems. Try not to stay awake at night and cut back on trips to places of entertainment at this time.

Tip # 9

Take natural sunbathing and do not resort to a tanning bed. This procedure dries and ages your skin, and causes severe illnesses. Do not deny yourself the pleasure, at least twice a year to go to the sea, only not in winter, but at other times of the year. Sharp climate change does not have a positive effect on health.

Tip # 10

Try to get rid of bad habits. Smoking causes negative emotions and a bad mood, and also disrupts the metabolism and, as a result, forms an imbalance of hormones. The violation of hormones is most important for our face and leads to severe disorders, which can sometimes not be remedied. From alcohol it is recommended to take one glass of red dry wine once a week. This has a beneficial effect on the heart and calms the nervous system.

Take care of yourself. Love yourself. And beauty will fill your life. Для роста ресниц лучше всего средство dreamlash



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