Beautify the walls

If you are annoyed by wall-behind wallpaper, bubbles of air left under the canvas and spoiled damp corners, if it's time to throw them away and make repairs - painting the walls is what you need. The choice of paint materials today is full of variety. Consider the main types of painting.

The first, the simplest and cheapest - is a cement. It has antifungal and disinfectant effect, it is easy to apply and quickly dries. However, it has several drawbacks: firstly, it is heavily washed off from the breakwater, so painting of the walls should be done before painting the floor; Secondly, it remains on clothes and on everything, than it is possible to lean casually against a wall.

Oil paints. Before applying any coating, the walls should be prepared, and before using the paint, the walls should be prepared more thoroughly. Take into account the fact that after drying the paint gets a little darker, so choose a lighter shade on the shade, then you can get the most desired result. The disadvantages are that such a paint dries for a long time and has a strong odor, which will weaken during the week. And also with strong heating, the paint can burn out, that is, lose its color and crack. To do this, you just need to have a little paint of the same color to "fix" a particular area.

Water emulsion. This paint is based on water. The variant is the most actual, since the paint does not have a specific smell, it is easy to apply and does not leave any marks on clothing when in contact. Thanks to a wide range of colors that are simply added to the paint, you can get the most desired color. It is important to remember that water-based emulsion, like lime, lightens a little after drying, so do not be afraid to overdo it with color. Water emulsion paint also has antifungal and disinfectant properties.

But there is also a wide choice of textured paints that are applied with a special spatula and create a bulk invoice on the wall, which can serve as an excellent element of decorating the walls, and can help to divide the room into a number of functional areas.

The fundamental rule that should be followed when choosing a paint - adherence to the ideal combination with the overall interior in the house, it is desirable some coincidence of color or invoice matches.

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