Consolidate the efforts of computing centers and institutions

So, what is "paperless technology"? The Baltic Steamship Company successfully continues the experiment on the basis of the ship "Baltic Ospri" of the company "STS". The vessel goes on a voyage without a set of cargo documents, as they are on the engine channel between London and Leningrad and are at the port of discharge long before it arrives.

The experiment confirmed the viability of the system. What goals does it pursue?

This - the preparation of documents on personal computers, the transfer of information through communication channels, the formation of information at destinations using computers. This - the rejection of many traditional forms of paper documents, reducing the costs of "routine" labor, the reorganization of production, restructuring, not in words, but in deeds. This is the breaking of barriers, worldview in shipping.

Costs are required. And not only material, but primarily intellectual. It is necessary to consolidate the efforts of the data centers of shipping companies and institutions within the framework of a unified program of developments on the topic "Electronic information exchange". A real perspective is connected with it, a real look into the future, giving the opportunity to calculate future profits today.

The flight began on June 14, two weeks before the start of the All-Union Party Conference, the results of which were hotly discussed on our ship. Unfortunately, there was no representative of seamen at the party forum. And there was something to be said about: there were a lot of problems.

Take at least this swimming. The tanker provided fishing vessels for a month and a half for the bunker. The crews worked in equally difficult conditions, however they were financed in different ways. The work of fishermen is paid with a coefficient of 2.0 starting from 40 degrees south latitude and lower, for seafarers same tanker set the coefficient of 1.7 and only south of the 50th degree. Why such inequality? This issue should be addressed to the committee of the crew and the party board of the shipping company, to revise the provisions of the collective agreement concerning the regional coefficients of payment for seafarers.

According to the agreement on leasing a tanker by the Ministry of Fisheries of the USSR, each hose operation with bunkering of fishing vessels costs only 7 rubles. 50 kopecks, and the coefficient, depending on the area of ‚Äč‚Äčnavigation, is not applied. Moreover, the prices for the hose were established 25 years ago and since then remain unchanged. Mooring operations in the fishery are generally paid in kopecks. But these works are produced in extremely difficult conditions and are associated with a constant and significant risk.

In their course, the boatmasters of the tanker developed and introduced a method of mooring fishing vessels using the "Pilot" system, based on the interface of a special video tablet and ARPA. Using this system has reduced the time for mooring operations and conduct them in any weather, with any visibility. Thus, in the conditions of a severe storm, a large autonomous trawler (BATM), Vytautas Montvila, was provided with fuel. At this time, other fishing vessels were forced to storm. But a daily simple Batman is estimated at 25 thousand rubles. Due to the good organization and high sea training the tanker crew was avoided.

The question arises: what kind of reward did the sailors get for saving these considerable funds? Answer: thanks to the captain of the trawler and the chief of the fishery. The planned discharge of the bunker in good weather should be 1500 tons per day, we also pumped over 1600-1800 tons. Reward? See above.



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