Comment: Trump and Iran are a supposed step with unpredictable consequences

Nobody believed in a miracle. Only shortly before the announcement by Donald Trump of this decision, it was suggested how radical the US exit on a nuclear deal with Iran might be and whether the effect would be from European diplomatic initiatives. Now we know for sure: the US withdraws from the General Comprehensive Action Plan (JCPOA), and sanctions against Iran suspended under the terms of the agreement will be restored. This is the most dangerous option for the US to abandon the deal.

The world will not be more secure and peaceful from this. A direct consequence - during the performance of Trump, even more shares of defense enterprises. A more distant prospect: the US withdrawal from the treaty will not facilitate success at the upcoming meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-no.

Trump's arguments are as follows: the agreement failed to protect US security interests. However, as this should help exit from the agreement, remains a presidential secret. The JCPOA prevented Iran from reaching the atomic bomb, which, among other things, prevented the arms race in the region. It was this goal that pursued the agreement, and was achieved. Even the new Foreign Minister of Trump, Mike Pompeo, had no doubt that Tehran adhered to its obligations under the treaty.

According to the French diplomat, he analyzed the decision of the head of the White House for the organization of Crisis Group, in Trump "there are no problems with the nuclear agreement - he has a problem with the Islamic Republic of Iran". Therefore, four months of negotiations between the European partners of the JCPOA and the US were doomed to failure from the very beginning - despite the concessions of Europe and diplomatic efforts through the visits of Macron, Merkel and Johnson.

Trump consistently gathered around him in the White House "Iranian hawks". In addition to Secretary of State Pompeo, this is the new national security adviser John Bolton. In 2017, he wrote: "The US goal must be to put an end to the 1979 Islamic revolution in its 40th anniversary." "Mode change" & quot; in the context of Iran appeared menacingly often. It is menacing, because Bolton already played an outstanding role before the war in Iraq in 2003. The catastrophic consequences of this aggressive war, held contrary to international law, are well known throughout the region, as well as the fact that the reasons for it were based on lies.

The European Union will adhere to a nuclear deal with Iran and will not restore sanctions
The United Kingdom, France and Germany will discuss with Iran a nuclear agreement
Iran expects & quot; problems & quot; in case of US withdrawal on a nuclear deal
What can be the consequences of the US refusal from a nuclear deal with Iran
In his explanation of the withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran, the American president unequivocally referred to the statement of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu at the beginning of last week. However, the latter's speech was absolutely propaganda show: Star and the questionable materials were processed and repacked without taking into account the current status of the Iranian nuclear program. And even if we take this show seriously, it is only as an argument in favor of JCPOA - an efficient means to contain Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Trump's decision casts doubt on the result of 12-year intensive diplomacy, without offering any alternatives. Much now depends on the unity of Europeans, their stability and readiness, together with the partners in the deal, Russia and China, to offer Iran sufficient incentives to continue compliance with the terms of the agreement, despite the US withdrawal from it.

Transatlantic division deepens

Obviously, increasing pressure on Tehran will contribute to conservative forces in power, and moderate forces will move to defense. This increases the likelihood of an escalation of the situation in the numerous conflicts between Yemen, Syria, Libya and Iraq.

The creation of a security architecture for the Middle East, which takes into account the legitimate interests of all the parties involved, is moving even farther. But it is she who is the only way to a real peace in the region. Top gambling ausie website online casino australia here



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