Most people can not imagine their morning without a fragrant cup of coffee. This drink gives a charge of vivacity and good mood. But few people think that in addition to the benefits, it also does harm.

• Helps to cope with stress
• I like the taste
• Prevents many diseases
• Used in cosmetology
• Improves ability to work
Helps to cope with stress
Coffee directly affects the central nervous system. If you drink 2-3 cups a day - minimizes the risk of getting stressed. It helps to remove irritability and makes the psyche more stable. The most important thing is not to overdo it, because too much caffeine will work in the opposite direction.
I like the taste
Cappuccino, latte, mochochino, americano, frappe - these varieties of coffee can satisfy any gourmet. Fragrant, intoxicating coffee beckons with its unique taste.
Prevents many diseases
Scientists have proved that regular consumption of coffee reduces the risk of cancer, asthma, migraine, kidney stones, liver cirrhosis and many other diseases. Also, caffeine acts as an antioxidant.

Used in cosmetology
Scrubs based on coffee - the most popular anti-cellulite. Masks and peelings clean and tonify the skin. Moreover, all of them are very simple in cooking at home.
Improves ability to work
According to studies of physicians, caffeine can raise the mood and increase mental ability. It activates the areas of the brain that are responsible for the person's reaction to certain situations.


• Dehydrates
• Diseases of the cardiac system
• Addictive
• Disrupts sleep

Drinks containing caffeine act as a diuretic, so they destabilize the water balance in the body. In order to make up for the deficiency, after drinking a cup of coffee, drink a glass of purified water.

Diseases of the cardiac system

Coffee raises blood pressure and increases the pulse. This drink is contraindicated in those who have heart problems. But healthy, too, do not forget about this effect, in order to prevent the appearance of the disease.


The constant number of cups of coffee over time ceases to be toned and invigorated, which in turn causes a desire to increase the dose. Only this is fraught with negative consequences, which are described above.

Violates sleep

It is worth remembering that drunk just before sleep this noble drink leads to insomnia. It excites the nervous system, thereby causing it to work hard, even after closing your eyes. This is our section on Free Porn Cams of Real People Naked & Having Sex Live on Webcam 24/7. 100% Free to Watch, Chat & Broadcast. No-Sign Up & No Registration Required.



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