Coffee is medicine or harm?

Coffee is a drink with centuries of history. And at all times there was a question, whether it is possible to drink a strong drink without harm? There is a legend of the eighteenth century, once Ludovik 15 ordered two convicts to replace the execution with a verdict with the experiment that one person throughout his life will drink only coffee, and the second convict will drink tea. The king went first to the next world.
For the most part, coffee has a reputation for being a harmful drink, because it provokes side effects on many diseases. Fans of kahvah (Arabic sound) need to know if you suffer from hypertension, gastrointestinal disorders, cardiovascular diseases, then you have to go to green tea urgently. A strong drink reduces adrenaline in the body, which is the norm. There is an opinion that becomes the cause of a skin tumor. James Natanson, a neurologist at Harvard University, found that coffee kills insects and recommends using it to protect plants against pests. There is something to think about.
Or maybe you just need to know the measure. So, for example, a very useful medicine will turn out to be poison if used in a higher dose. Also you can not know about the quality of the product on the shelves, the goods are not fresh, it is overcooked to the coals, where can it be useful?
So how to be with your favorite drink? To reduce the burden on the heart, as advised by Irina Litvina's "Three Benefits" book, one must cook ground grains with saffron. But to add milk or not - opinions do not coincide. Some believe that such mixing affects the development of skin problems, others - reduces the burden on the stomach. It is positive that for people with low blood pressure, coffee will increase it, those with narrowed blood vessels will expand, and also a tired headache.
How invigorating coffee, for certain is unknown. Scientists explain this by the fact that the strength of caffeine lowers the level of adenosine, a substance that reduces the processes of excitation. And then vice versa, the tone is replaced by weakness. Added spices in coffee also cause drowsiness and migraine. Do not drink coffee on an empty stomach, but after a hearty meal.
Nutritionists recommend an adult to improve performance: brew three small spoons of coffee and add half a teaspoon of the usual instant. And if you want to turn coffee into a medicine - brew on the infusion of dogrose. Coffee is best brewed in ready-made boiling water, and cook until the second foam.
Do not interfere with alcohol and during smoking. Here the heart is attacked from three sides. If you can not drink coffee, then replace your favorite drink with chicory, decoction of acorns, chestnuts, barley, soy, dog rose.



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