Doorbell Classification

As a rule, the majority of apartment owners prefer the specialized doorbell system called the intercom more and more to classic doorbells, however, despite this, such devices are still popular due to their simplicity, reliability, extended life compared to the intercom system and the ability to express individual taste.
Doorbell Types
In the global classification at the moment, all doorbells can be divided into two categories:
 Retro calls:
Such calls fall into this category, which serve mostly as a decorative decoration, rather than as a means of warning, however, retro-style calls also cope well with their direct responsibility.
In this category, calls are of the following types:
1. Beater;
Such calls are usually the simplest in execution and design, and their main distinguishing feature is the knock of a metal part on the door surface, hence the name.
Calls in this category can be found either in the form of a small knocker, or in the form of an ordinary iron, suspended circle, which, in fact, is knocked on the door.
However, despite the simplicity, such calls are hard to hear.
Such a bell is suspended with a cord and, when used, emits a characteristic trill. Bell-shaped calls are popular mainly in country houses and cottages.
1. Ringer signal.
Such a bell emits the loudest sound, reminiscent of a bicycle trill.
Of all the above, this option is best suited because of the increased level of audibility, but at the same time, the decorative value of this type of call tends to zero.
6. Electric bells
This category implies modern personal warning devices with a switch and a sound beep.
As a rule, the switch is always mounted near the front door, and the tweeter is located inside the apartment or house.
Electric calls can be divided into two types:
1. The call is electromechanical type;
For the functionality of such a call, you need a special wire that connects, in fact, the switch and the call itself.
Calls of this type are either stand-alone, battery-powered, or transformer, using common house wiring.
1. Wireless call.
Such calls use a radio module for operation, which allows the activation button to interact with a sound device at a distance of several tens of meters. Free stocks APIs for trading Stocks Twelve Data Real-time and Historical data



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