Acid reflux

Heartburn is a problem that terrorizes many among us. “Companions,” such as nausea after eating, sore throat, chest pain, vomiting and upset stomach, coughing, etc., can also be located next to her. And, if you are familiar with these symptoms firsthand, then you should carefully read the following information and learn about products that should be avoided.

fried food

Fried foods, such as hamburgers, fries, fried chicken, vegetables, fish - all this causes heartburn. These products are difficult to digest, due to which the amount of acid in the stomach rises. Instead of fried, it is much more beneficial to use all these products in boiled or stewed form, which can be baked in the oven.


No matter how healthy chocolate is, if you have heartburn, it is better to refuse it. Chocolate contains caffeine, large amounts of fat, and cocoa, which cause heartburn. If there is no strength to refuse this delicacy, then it is better to use dark chocolate instead of milk.


People with high acidity should avoid drinking alcohol. Drinks with degrees delay the digestion process, in addition, they can damage the esophagus and gastric mucosa. Therefore, more than 1 glass of wine per day is a taboo.


Tea and coffee, as we know, contain a considerable amount of caffeine, which increases acid reflux (i.e. heartburn), especially those taken on an empty stomach. In principle, one cup of black coffee or espresso can be afford, but it is better to prefer a cup of chamomile tea or any weak green tea. But mint tea is not recommended. He is also responsible for increasing acidity and causing heartburn.

Fatty Dairy Products

Whole cow or goat milk, butter, high fat sour cream, cottage cheese, ice cream, yogurt, cheese, etc. - It’s better not to have heartburn. All of these foods, which have a high fat content, cause acid reflux. In particular, whole milk drunk at night.


All fruits and berries that contain citrus acids should be avoided. The list is not small: oranges and grapefruits, pineapples and limes, tangerines and lemons, tomatoes and grapes, cranberries, etc. Instead, it is better to eat bananas, strawberries and blackberries, raspberries and blueberries, apples, which even help get rid of acid reflux, that is, heartburn.

In addition to all of the above, all carbonated drinks, fatty meats and dishes from them, spicy and salty foods, as well as spicy dishes of Mexican, Indian and other cuisines that cause irritation of the esophagus and increase acidity should be avoided. Demo slot machine 3d



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