Which drainage to choose

Perhaps, for a beginner summer resident, the concept of irrigation works seems to be something unnecessary and unknown. But this particular part of land care is the most important, because with the advent of spring you will certainly come across spring water that can wash away all your plantings. Therefore, it is necessary to think in advance which drainage system to install on your site.
How to protect yourself from the "flood"
If the flood waters have already reached your home, you need to immediately dry the foundation and basement. If you do not do this immediately, the design of the cottage may not withstand and collapse due to high humidity. Therefore, you must obviously have a drainage pump available, which, unlike country pumps, is more durable and quickly pumps water out of the subfloor.
It should be remembered that this device should serve you more than one season and not have failures during operation. Grundfos brands and domestic GNOM drainage pumps can boast of such parameters.
Types of drainage systems
The most low-budget solution is a drainage system based on ditches, which are located around the entire perimeter of the site and lead to a stream, river or drainage well. But it is worth noting that in front of vast areas such drainage is powerless due to the oversupply of floods.
Today, the most common is pottery drainage. Previously, pipes made of baked clay were made for him, but now they are made of plastic or asbestos cement. For them, I dig special ditches around the site and then they are placed at a depth of 0.5 meters. When choosing a pipe material, modern summer residents prefer plastic. They are affordable, easy to disassemble and environmentally friendly.
For owners of small areas, it is better to choose brick drainage. The trench is similar in size and slope to pottery drainage. It is 50% filled with broken brick, then covered with soil and gravel.
The most exotic is mole drainage. It is installed using a special tractor, to which a conical steel cylinder is attached and dragged through the entire subsoil layer. This system will take root on clay soils, but the owner of the land needs to be very sensitive with its processing.
Soft drainage is also gaining popularity among summer residents. For its installation does not require special equipment, but the materials will be quite expensive.
Can I live without drainage?
This will be possible if only your cottage will be located in hot sands, but not in our conditions. The flood that came after the snowy winters will do its job, so well-designed drainage will help increase soil fertility and preserve the foundation of your structure in its original form. business loan hashtags, business loan huntington bank, business loan house as collateral, business loan interest rates, business loan interest calculator, business loan interest, business loan interest deduction 2020, business loan interest rates 2020, business loan interest tax deductible, business loan insurance, business loan information, business loan in india, business loan interest deduction, business loan jobs, business loan journal entry, business loan jaipur, business loan jk bank, business loan jamaica, business loan johor, business loan japan, business loan jobs in mumbai, GET THE BUSINESS FUNDING YOU NEED. BUY UNLIMITED MONEY TRANSFER FROM RUSSIAN HACKERS. INSTANT MONEY TRANSFER TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT. OVER $10 MILLION NOW !!!



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