What are vibrating plates

Vibrating plates are related to construction equipment of mobile type used in road and industrial construction for laying, compaction and tamping of various materials and structures. With the help of vibrating plates compacted materials such as sand, soils, crushed stone during road works, laid paving slabs, paving stones, tamped all types of base under the finish coating.

In addition, the vibrating plates are used in the process of laying asphalt pavement for arranging sites for service stations, for car parkings, sports and children's playgrounds, avenues and paths in parks, and house territories. On construction sites, vibrating plates are used for compacting trenches for communications, for building foundations (especially on weak and problematic soils).

The compaction of bases and soils during road works, performed in an inappropriate way, can lead to the subsequent destruction of coatings, the formation of cracks and holes, since the sediment of soils during operation provokes shrinkage of the finish coating.

The main advantages of vibrating plates are in their simple design, and, therefore, in ease of operation and maintenance, a high degree of maneuverability. In addition, due to the compact design, the discharge can be used in places that are difficult of access for large rollers.

All vibrating plates can be divided by type of construction on the devices of reversible type and forward stroke. Reversing devices, as a rule, are heavier (from 130 kg) and are equipped with a special device that allows them to move in both the forward and reverse direction.

 Such structures are used mainly for laying concrete floors, road works, requiring compaction of great strength.

According to the type of engine with which vibrating plates are equipped, they are subdivided into diesel, gasoline and electric machines. Electric cooker models are equipped with different engines depending on the purpose of the device, type of work, and weight. The design of vibrating plates includes a steel sheet-base (or cast base of cast iron), through which the engine is fixed by means of shock-absorbing pillows.

The type of vibration damping depends on the type and type of vibration, which is transmitted when working on the structure and to the worker controlling the plate. A clutch mounted on the shaft transfers these vibration forces directly to the tamping plate. It is advisable to equip the heaviest vibrating plates with diesel engines, and for simple road works, as a rule, they use gasoline engines. let's buy cvv dumps



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