How to make money on the internet and not be trapped

The Internet has brought into our lives a lot: all kinds of entertainment, communication, absolutely not limited distances, the opportunity to resolve any problems of everyday life ... But why not use the World Wide Web and for earning a penny ?! Moreover, an Internet space downright teeming different kinds of part-time work.

Skeptics may argue: "Earn Money Online - deceit and trickery" Well, the scam on the Web, as well as in everyday life, in short supply. But get to the core of "employer" is very easy. It is about the ways in which you can without too much trouble to make money online, and that of the proposed - continuous fiction - and will further conversation.

 And not only Freelance

Starting a job search on the Internet, you need to be aware that the momentary million not earn. And in any case, have to work, especially at the beginning of a virtual career. If the applicant is not afraid of such a prospect, you can pay attention to the following options:

1. Freelance. This concept is so vast that it is possible to compose the entire Talmud all directions, the pros and cons of freelancing. For this kind of earnings are as follows:

• rewriting copywriting. That is, the rewriting of the type of school presentation (rewrite) or writing unique (copyright) articles for online resources. Job Requirements: knowledge of the great and mighty, rich vocabulary, punctuality;
• interpreter. Excellent command of foreign languages ​​is useful not only offline, but also on the Internet. Customers can search on the exchanges (as in writing) or on their own forums and specialized blogs;
• programming. This system administrators and webmasters, and web programmers;
• graphic-design direction. There may find themselves web designers, illustrators, visualizers, flasher and so on. D.

2. Create your own website, portal or blog. Such a method is very labor intensive, requires a huge investment of time, material investments. The result will appear in a few months or even years.
3. Sales through social networks. Trades in the network to all: footwear and clothing, rare thing, crafts homemade ...
4. Education and tutoring via the Internet through Skype. A suitable option for teachers and educators.
5. Remote work. It includes a number of specific duties of office, but the monitor of your computer at home. It is the operators of call centers, banking consultants and other services, and so on. D.
6. Play on the stock exchanges, binary options.

This proven ways to earn money on the web, where, with due diligence, patience, and the possession of certain skills is quite possible to get a real salary.

 Be careful, or a little about cheating

 One hundred percent fraud, if the Internet there are such kinds of "earnings":

1. Picking dismantled pens, gluing bags for tea and other simple manual work. Here are just a beginning recruit you need to transfer a small amount of the employer account. Typical divorce!
2. All kinds of pyramids. Times Mavrodi passed, but want to apply his method of deception honest people are not extinct and of 21st century.
3. Set the text (not to be confused with copywriting!) Proposed to reprint handwriting.
4. Proposals to replenish electronic or telephone bill.

Not only can work in real, but in the virtual life. The main methods of earning on the Internet for novice explorers Network shows. Good luck to the conquest of the vast online labor market! Feeling adventurous? Play Fortune favors the brave!



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