How to increase productivity (5 tips)

1. Install a good antivirus.

If your system administrator allows you to install programs yourself, you must definitely install a good antivirus program. There are some good free antiviruses, but if you need premium protection, you can ask the system administrator to install a high-quality set of antivirus programs on all computers of the company. A computer virus can disrupt the workflow - this should be avoided.

2. Check all the files that you download to your computer.

Do not even think to open multimedia or files after downloading from the Internet, always scan them. If you have an anti-virus program installed, right-click on the file or group of files and in the menu that opens, find the item “Scan file”. So you run a quick scan on demand - for a specific file or files. If they are safe, good. If they are infected, quarantine them or delete them as soon as possible.

3. Regularly update virus databases.

New viruses are constantly appearing, so to protect your computer, you need to regularly update virus databases - you can almost every hour. Most antiviruses do this automatically, but only if the appropriate settings are set (by default). Without virus databases, your program may not recognize infected files. That is, the virus databases of your antivirus should be constantly updated and do this automatically.

4. Do not disclose personal data.

This is understandable without explanation; Your personal data and financial security online directly depend on how much you can protect your personal and financial information. Whenever possible, read the privacy policy agreement. Do not give out information on a credit card if you are not completely sure that the page you are on is genuine, and does not just look like what you need. Validating a security certificate will reduce the likelihood that information will fall into unreliable hands. And, besides everything else, you should not make purchases online at a workplace! Your company can track your actions, including keystrokes - that is, an unreliable colleague who has access to this data can use your password and any other information that you provided for your own purposes.

5. Minimize the number of open windows and running applications.

This tip is for those who work on the computer most of the time. Do not open too many windows and applications. This will not only slow down the work, but also increase the risk of the computer freezing, as well as the automatic termination of programs. This means losing data and time. When choosing a vanity for the bathroom, US residents prefer a double sink solution. In New York, double units are also gaining popularity. When is this option optimal? And when the installation will be relevant? We will review further. Why do we need a double sink set? As a rule, the morning for most families is the time to wash and tidy up after sleep. And this time is always limited. A two sink will help resolve this situation. Double Bathroom Vanity is an original solution for large families. It will help both save time and allow you to spend it together in the morning and evening procedures.



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