How to "pull up assessment", without coming into conflict with the kids?

How to "pull up assessment", without coming into conflict with the kids?
«Again deuce!" How often parents have resorted to this terrible phrase. In pursuit of fives and fours students sometimes forget about the main thing - the assimilation and understanding of the desired object. It happens that students learn by heart a certain material and a week later, ask if the teacher can not connect two words. Because of this Blog and all the guys there hated two. Parents also interesting report on the performance rather than the learning process itself, therefore, quite natural, and their reaction to the negative mark.
The child is always looking for support and the support of his family. Not surprisingly, he was acutely perceives criticism. Colca, hurtful words can encourage student even suicide. Two of the child - is first and foremost a deuce parents. How to react to bad grades?
First you need to understand what the true cause of the unsatisfactory mark. Calmly, without the scandal and, of course, without offense to talk with your child. If he requires the assistance of parents, mom and dad are obliged to explain misunderstood subject.
It so happens that conversations do not help. Then there is another option - a teacher. Parents should contact the classroom teacher and find out what gaps in the knowledge of their child.
There is another way - stimulating. For each positive evaluation, parents can encourage their student. Three, nothing - it is progress. You can cook a delicious meal, given the child's favorite dishes. Four - even better. You can go with a favorite pupil in the movie. And when, finally, the blog will shine on five, then it is necessary to arrange a festive evening, inviting friends child.
Parents in any situation must remain in a relationship of trust with the child. In no case, do not oppress the child for academic failure, on the contrary, sometimes you need to give him time for a rest, to then gain strength, he was able to start even more hard work.
Unfortunately, because of their employment, mom and dad can not always be close to their children. Then rush to the aid of the grandparents, who, of course, have experience in education. If the Russian language - an object is constantly changing, the math - science static: discriminant grandparent certainly help calculate.
In any case, parents should not leave your child in trouble. Only joint efforts will provide an excellent level of fumes. Next to gnaw granite of science!
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