How to find a common language with a teenager?

Until quite recently the child was sweet, obedient and so predictable ... and suddenly - an explosion, a hurricane in a glass of water, a battle for independence, overt boldness, secrecy. So, came the adolescence. The adolescent period in children, traditionally 12-17 years old, does not frighten many parents for a reason, this time of changes, physical and psychological. At the native man the appearance and behavior changes, on the one hand he wants to be perceived as an adult, often he looks like that, on the other hand he behaves like a wayward child incapable of taking responsibility for his actions. This time of rebellion and objection, the teenager is indignant against encroachments on the right of self-expression. Often adolescents go to extremes, experimenting with their appearance. In this difficult period, parents face a number of questions:
• How to behave;
• What control should be;
• How to find a common language with a teenager;
Sometimes parents exaggerate the size of the disaster, because they also had to go this way in their time, and nothing is still alive - they are healthy. The main thing is not to panic, not to offend, not to break wood and become for him not a factor encroaching on the manifestation of personality, but another at such a difficult stage of his life's path.
How to find a common language with a teenager?
Education - a kind of policy and should be at this time diplomats. Do not openly encroach on his personal space, control should be unobtrusive, rather friendly participation, rather than authoritarian pressure. Yes, and parents at this time cease to be an undeniable authority for a teenager, often the opinion of peers interests him much more. It is very important to become your beloved, growing up child, because now it is not so easy for him, only a trusting relationship and understanding, will help to direct his uncontrollable energy in the right direction, unobtrusively and calmly. It is necessary to make it clear to the adolescent that he is treated like an equal, are proud of his achievements.
It is worth discussing with him openly conflict situations and interested in hobbies. Communication is a mirror that reflects, then radiates. It's good to spend an excursion with your child in your past, tell some moments from your youth, naturally in a corrected version, without unnecessary details about the first cigarette smoked. Remember what you experienced, what you felt, and share it. And the child will answer the same.
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