Sources and waterfalls of Algar

The sources and waterfalls of Algar are located a couple of kilometers from Callosa D’En Sarria. This is one of the most picturesque places on the Costa Blanca at the foot of the Berina Mountains. They are the true cultural and natural heritage of Spain. This corner of nature can definitely be called one of the most beautiful in the area.
Extraordinarily clean water, fresh mountain air and the incredible beauty of these places, sheltered among the mountains and green forest, create a unique pristine environment.
Waterfalls of Algar give a great chance to admire its beauty, and at the same time plunge into the crystal clear waters of the springs. Even on very hot and sunny days it is fresh, cozy and cool here. The temperature does not exceed seventeen degrees, but many visitors nevertheless boldly dive and swim.
Sources come from the Algar River (“cave” in Arabic), and the riverbed itself creates a small gorge.
Already at the beginning of the journey tourists are greeted by an amazing aroma of citrus and medlar. Due to the huge number of rapids, pitfalls and altitude changes, the water flows here very slowly, then much faster. And in the narrowest place, Algar turns into a magnificent forty-meter waterfall, hiding a limestone cave behind its waters. Beautiful trees grow around, forming green arches above the waters of the river.
At the top of the gorge opens a large area equipped with everything necessary for a picnic: barbecue facilities and wooden tables with benches. It offers a unique view of the river and its surroundings.
If you are a fan of green inhabitants of deserts and tropics - it is worth going up another couple of kilometers and visiting the cactus garden. He collected in his collection about 1,000 species of these plants, as well as hundreds of other exotic representatives of the tropical flora. Cacti and succulents grow right on the side of the mountain. Some of them are really unique in their size, splendor and beauty of flowering.
The park also has an exhibition of exotic animals and birds: parrots, chinchillas, peacocks, nightingales and ducks, in addition, there is a museum of natural science.
Many visitors are attracted by the fact that this Algar nature park is perfectly equipped with all the necessary infrastructure for recreation: medical care, museums and souvenir shops, photo centers and rental points, toilets, fast food, cafes, restaurants, information, parking places and even showers.
Outdoor barbecue, acquaintance with local cuisine in one of the park's cozy cafes, purchase of delicious delicacies from medlar-nespero, which grows right on the plantations, will make your trip unforgettable. Latest Ghana News



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