The Irony of Fate. My imaginary patient

The Irony of Fate. My imaginary patient

The spouse is seriously concerned about his health. Personally, I do not see any excitement, but twice a day it measures pressure. How could I be sick of it!

Recently, Nikolai "discovered" a heart disease in his heart. A month ago the favorite topic was blood poisoning. Last year I was looking for allergies. Then he has spasms of the esophagus, then resists in the stomach, then the heart hurts. Has slipped - suspect fracture. You can not embrace it - suddenly the hernia will come out. Bags from the store can not be heard. "Do not you know that I can not lift a heavy one ?!" he answers a request for help. And I, therefore, can carry the weight?

Notes only the bad

After the slightest physical exertion, he must lie down to rest. Came from work - on the sofa, about the weekend and do not say. Even the car itself will not wash. Well, if he was standing at the bench, unloaded cars or worked in a car service, but my husband is an accountant. Works exclusively with the head. It seems that Kolya has completely forgotten how to notice something positive. Good weather and a delicious dinner do not please him. To the success of my daughter at school is absolutely indifferent. The only thing he can talk about for a long time and with enthusiasm is his illnesses. He already knows our district doctor, and he even refuses to come to our house for a challenge. When I hint to Nicholas that he is just hypochondriacal, he takes offense, calling me a heartless egoist. And earlier, when he was going to the polyclinic, every time I was worried, worried, I thought that there he would be found this time. But medicine was most often powerless, and all doctors, in his opinion, were "idiots." And the husband went to another hospital, and then to an appointment in expensive private clinics, so that he was diagnosed. The character of Nicholas has changed a lot. He became a real grumbler. I prepared the soup too fatty, and he needs to follow a diet. Then the child makes a noise, then my friend calls me while he is resting, then they forget to buy the medicine. And I recently have doubts that my husband feels bad sometimes.

Without me, is he better?

Now he often works at home - his boss easily lets go. Probably my husband in the office bored everyone with his complaints. My daughter tells me that when I'm not at home, my father watches TV with pleasure and smokes on the balcony. But if I come home from work, the performance begins. Our patient falls into bed and begins to moan. I want to call an ambulance, but he does not give, he screams that the doctors will heal to death. I begin to suspect that in this way Nicholas wants to draw attention to himself, to evoke sympathy. But in response to my proposal to go to a psychologist, he just cried out, accused me that I want to sew him a diagnosis, put him in a mental hospital ... Tell me what to do? I do not want to be a nurse under an imaginary patient.
Alexandra, 35 years old, by e-mail

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