Interesting shooter Resistance 3

To tell you the truth, no one expected that Insomniac Games could release such an excellent game. Many believe that this shooter can easily argue with such giants of the gaming industry as Halo and Half Life 2. And all these compliments are not just for fun. The game really turned out great.

The most interesting is that the two previous versions of the game turned out average and the probability that the third part will be a hit was minimal. However, the developers worked on the glory. And in the end we got to fanaticism the elaborated mechanics of the game and the dependence of the outcome of the game on various trifles, to which one should pay attention. It all started in 2006 when Insomniac Games released the first part of the Resistance trilogy. At the same time, their main competitors released Gears of War, which was an order of magnitude better and more interesting than the game Insomniac. In 2008, this competition continued and again Epic Games won. But in September 2011, made gaming tours from Saratov and other Russian cities, after a lot of work, believing in success, Insomniac Games release the third part of the game series and fall into the "bull's-eye". The game was surprisingly interesting and thoughtful.

The last two releases of the game are very memorable for the lack of the integrity of the plot, terrible graphics and tasteless and uninteresting plot. Now all these minuses are in the past. In the company, the plot's main emphasis is shifted from general events to the main character and its relation to what is happening. Multiplayer is reduced from 60 to 16 people. There was an opportunity to immediately wear all of their weapons, not just one at a time. In Resistance 3 engine earned at full power - the graphics do not slow down and looks very realistic, the number of game situations non-standard, which can get the main character is increased several times.

Of course Resistance 3 very much like Half-Life 2. There even has its analogue of the famous mount - a sledge hammer. And in the horoscope episode you can see a similar advertising brochure - bus tours to Sri Lanka. You can also find similar moments with Halo, Killzone, The Chronicles of Riddick and other famous shooters. However, it does not mention simple plagiarism, it is clear that the developers have confidently approached the work and simply compared their work with the best games of this genre.

But it's worth remembering about the drawbacks of the game, which, unfortunately, are also available. The first is a terrible study of the last two stages of the game. Graphics and design at the level of the last two parts. And still very annoying artificial intelligence of your opponents. Chimeras are very evil and accurate, but their super-techniques are used only once a day for the game, and the more complex levels the situation does not change.

But despite all this, Resistance 3 can safely be called one of the most interesting shooters released recently. Dash miner new generation is much less than in previous miners and takes up much less space: Baikal x11 300MH/s It supports algorithm X11 / X13 / X14 / X15 / Quark / Qubit and delivers power 300MH/s



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