Game Ambitious. Tips and secrets of success

They say that life does not give us a chance to rehearse. But the developers of the game Ambitious VKontakte and decided to bypass this folk wisdom. Here you can go up the career ladder and try his hand at a variety of guises. Perhaps this will be the first step towards this career? Or just stay nice and intricate game, a bit naive, but this in no way boring.

Main activities and building in the game Ambitious

Everything that you will seek to annex Ambitious - learn more interesting and challenging profession. You start the game silly student. To live, of course, will be in a dormitory, and earn the distribution of leaflets, but washing floors in the neighboring building. The more your experience, the more paid and prestigious positions you hold. And here already and drive to the cottage will not take long, and a direct path to conquer the capital.

All available for you to types of work can be seen in the town hall. Move you from a simple sweep. To finish the job simply click "run". For every action in the labor field and the glory will be spent a certain amount of energy. She recovered with time. But the most impatient workaholic can make up for the energy in the restaurant, having spent part of the money, for example, on land or ice cream cup.

Kohl game Ambitious VKontakte - full simulation of life the average person, then there is a place for learning, and for the rest, and all the best for life. For the development of new skills required to study science in the University building. Take a good rest and earn additional experience can be in the club. And in the shop and beauty salon, you will find all the best for home decoration, and a loved one.

Ambitious Game Secrets

Play Ambitious application is a snap. But sometimes she wants to quickly start a new job, as soon as possible to buy a beautiful new clothes and go to new levels. Some secrets will help you grow and develop quickly and efficiently.

In order to perform the work as much as possible to restore power faster regularly order a meal in the restaurant. Just remember that it is preparing a few hours. Therefore, placing better in advance. Speed ​​up the preparation, you can always and crystals, which can be obtained for the votes.

For certain types of work needed special items. As a rule, you can get them for performing other tasks. Carefully through all kinds of works, even already passed you. If the same thing anywhere in the award is not granted, ask his friends - together will be much easier to go through the game.

To get more experience, do not leave without attention to all sorts of paid services. For example, in a beauty salon, you can go through special procedures, and the club enjoy a cocktail. For this you will have to pay the money earned, but a new and more paid work would fall from heaven on the head much more quickly.

But to earn more money can be another tricky way. Usually, all eager to start new jobs as soon as they become available. This is not always the only way. For the full implementation of the work you get one star. This is the level of your skill. If you do the work once, you will not only get the second star, but also a lot more money than the first time. Therefore, sometimes shameful and linger as dishwashers. Especially for those who like to spend, without looking at the purse.

Invite the game Ambitious VKontakte more friends. However, it will be easier to obtain the necessary items, providing invaluable assistance to each other. And arranging a friendly marathon professions, will meet a bunch of new occasions and celebrate the party of your new professional days. How to impress ukrainian girl read more!



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