Grima - a medieval beings who are the ghosts of the cemeteries near churches. Yet they are called church Grimaud. In those days, it was decided to bury people near the church in the Holy Land. This is a huge black dog that inspire fear in the people.
Grima occur mostly at night, and can and in cloudy or rainy weather. But still, the day may seem like a funeral, in exceptional cases, when a person was either very good or very bad.
Legend appearance Grima. In the Middle Ages lived Doctor who treated people for free. Its main patients were poor people who had nothing to just pay, and they brought him food - bread, milk, meat and other products. The doctor lived very poorly, its modest earnings, he bought the ingredients and cooked medicine. Seeing the goodness of the doctor, God decided to help him, and sent the dog, who warned about the illness, foretell death. He howled outside the window of the house where zableet or will soon pass away people than helping the doctor to start treatment earlier, which saved more than one life.
Once the makeup howled beneath the windows of a certain rich man. The doctor came in and asked to see a family that would save the one who is dying. It was the owner's daughter. But he was not allowed and kicked. The child died. But doctors found and began to pay a lot of money, that he treated the rich. Pride has ruined the doctor, as he began to refuse to treat the poor. Then God was angry and let the dog free, what would he wandered through cemeteries. Most make-up did not help, and the doctor is not howling at the window of patients. He howled only once, under the window of the doctor, but it was too late, he died in the morning.
Only the dog accompanied the doctor on his last journey and long-standing at his grave. Then Grima roam the cemeteries. They Sportive sometimes climb the bell tower and ringing all the bells. People think it's a bad sign, because it portends mass death. Often, diggers graves, see as a huge black dog is watching them work. Among the gravediggers rumor that saw the make-up when digging the grave, it means that it is for a good man, and you need to dig conscientiously and carefully. But if the dog came to the funeral, all must turn to him, as a tribute to the deceased. Who does not turn, it waits imminent death.
Around this creature weaves many tales and legends. Some say that he is the harbinger of death, the other that by his appearance and the look you can determine what was a man.



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