French balcony - like, what and why?

Many of us passing by modern houses, involuntarily turned a look at strange designs on the windows, consisting of forged lattices and ledges. This composition looks like a window or door fenced with forging elements and is called a French balcony.
 A few decades earlier, this balcony looked like a platform, it protruded at the width of the window and was fenced with elements of hand forging. Fits on this ledge, only one could. The purpose of this balcony was at that time purely practical, it was used as a means for airing the premises. In modern design, the French balcony looks somewhat different. In most cases, it is a glazed area with a small exit area, it is always enclosed by forged metal elements. More often the platform has a semi-circular view and resembles a basket, especially if flowers are placed on it. Such a composition looks very attractive, and the majority of owners of houses or apartments choose this type of balconies.
In this case, the practical role of this balcony is not significant, rather it gives an attractive appearance to a modern house or apartment. If you try, in this space you can put baskets with flowers or other plants, as a result you will get a small flowering garden, perfectly suited to the facade of the building. In order to store things or products, and also as a warehouse, this balcony is not at all suitable. As a means to ventilate the room, this design is quite acceptable, but to date there are other modern ways. It remains that the main function performed by the modern French balcony is the decoration of the facade of the building, giving it a classical style. Such buildings look better than others and have priority when customers choose. Very conveniently, having settled on such a balcony to explore the neighborhood and drink warm coffee in the morning, you usually feel yourself in France.
The modern wrought-iron balcony is not covered from the outside with such building materials as siding or corrugated board, and inside it also does not have to apply different insulation and cladding. Such an element of decor, installed in your house or apartment, will fill the room with light and visually increase the space of the room. Glazed with high-quality panoramic glass French balcony will make your home unique. It is worth noting one drawback, this is the absence of a window sill, but if desired, and it can be installed. 4K remux blu-ray movie 2160p site download movie Ultra HD, HDR, Atmos, for UHDTV an your PC.



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