Photographing a child

Children. Children? Children! It's unusual to take pictures of a child! But photographing an infant is something! Something magical and beyond control. After all, the crumb can not be forced to do what you need, look into the lens, take this or that pose. Therefore, in order to assist in shooting, I recommend that parents get acquainted with the following tips before the photographer arrives: 1. It is desirable that you express your wishes, ideas and intentions before the shooting. To have time to beat them - pick up the "inventory" and so on. 2. It is better to take baby off at home, because the crumbs behave more calmly and confidently in their native walls, everything is familiar. Therefore, the chances that his mood will deteriorate less. And that means more wonderful smiles on the photo. 3. If the photo session is planned at home, it is better to plan the monophonic background in advance (it is possible to push the chair away from the wall) or to prepare a monophonic coverlet / sheet. 4. Clothing should be selected monophonic. She should not distract from the most important thing - the face of the child. However, sometimes children's carnival costumes and especially funny hats are welcomed. I do not accept any make-up on children's faces. They are wonderful and do not need additional paints. It is also better to give up footwear. 5. As the decoration of the frame, I recommend that you prepare one of the following: a wicker basket, soap bubbles, flowers, a few pieces (chamomiles, gerberas, peonies for girls and irises for boys), fruits (apples, oranges), vegetables salad leaves, pumpkin, carrots with tops). 6. The hair of the baby should be washed, nails trimmed - because the baby's handle is a charming photo object.
An allergy on the cheeks or a bruise / scratch on the forehead is not terrible. I use PhotoShop for the final preparation of photos. Produced a retouch of all skin defects, the so-called postproduction. Therefore, you should not postpone the shooting because of this, or wait until it passes. 7. The shooting should be planned after the child sleeps. It is better if it is morning, since the child is full of energy and enough light. If it is shooting a walk in the street, then the time should be selected in intervals until 11:00 and after 4:00 pm, since at that time the sun draws the right shadows. 8. Mom should also be a beauty! Mandatory neat manicure (without bright varnish), daytime make-up, a pleasant hairstyle. Clothes should be combined with a nursery. You can choose several sets of clothes. superior seating



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