The film “Theophania, painting death”

The filming of the Soviet-American film "Feofania, painting death" ended with the establishment of the "Day of the Soviet-American cinema" (it now falls on October 5) and a grand celebration in the best Russian-American style. All that day the danger of a rainstorm hung over the crowd, nevertheless, everything that the production director “Theophany ...” planned, as well as the inspirer, scriptwriter and director of the last party Vladimir Alenikov, took place.

There were many flags, pennants and balloons, bonfires, choirs and round dances, spectacular festive show numbers, a symbolic „last frame”, shot by film director Anatoly Grishko, moderately champagne and breathtaking fireworks for a snack. And also - the declaration of Soviet and American filmmakers, participants in the filming, about common interests not only in the film business, but also in the art of cinema. Read the declaration of actress Tamara Tana, who played the role of Theophania, sorceress, sorceress, artist, who has mystical power over living and dead nature, and George Segal, an American actor of the first magnitude who mastered a completely new Russian folk and ethnographic material as a village elders Gregory. Mr. Seagal also performed, accompanying himself on the banjo, his own making song, consisting of all the Russian words that he learned during the filming: “Cabbage, potatoes. Hello. My tooth broke ... ”Mr. Seagal didn’t have time to get in touch with the Russian reality more closely: shooting the complex costume picture with big extras, the newborn independent studio Babylon (this was her co-production with the independent Hollywood company Kodiak) in just 8 weeks.

The farewell to “Feofania ...” took place in the same place where the shooting took place - not far from the town of Ozyory near Moscow. In the midst of a uniquely beautiful and “details” scenery depicting a Russian village from the time of the transition of late paganism to early Christianity. Judging by the script written by Vladimir Alenikov, Yuri Perov and the American scriptwriter Catherine Martin, this transition was marked by a mass of dramatic events and major breaks in destinies. - However, the “Feofania ..!” Action doesn’t have the exact “historical residence”. It develops in space-time rather fantastic - in the place where werewolves and sorcerers came to our legends, beliefs and dreams, plots and omens ...

Now the film is being edited and voiced. By the way, all the Soviet actors who starred in it spoke the same language as Mr. Seagal. I mean in English. For rental in the homeland of the heroes of the film will be duplicated.



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