Friends and enemies of the immune system

Every year, we can observe a decrease in the protective functions of our body, especially after 25 years. But it's worth a little effort and immunity can be strengthened, especially in the winter.

For starters, in the cold season, tea should be preferred as a drink containing antigens, which activate the work of cells involved in immune reactions. But meat products should, if not refuse, reduce their consumption, especially for sausage and sausage lovers. If you consume these foods more than 14 times a week, then you have a decrease in lung capacity, because these products contain nitrites.

Also harmful to the body and immune system are lemonades, colas, fried sausages and other products containing in its composition phosphate, which is a "killer" of calcium, which is used by the body to multiply and divide protective cells. Do not use vegetable salads in the evening hours, the fact is that after 20 hours the body's defenses are in a stressful state, and digestion expands for a long period of time, and the body loses its ability to normal recovery.

Acid-forming products, such as eggs and sweets, have a negative effect on the body. You should not use personal transport to travel to work, because city traffic jams can create a stressful environment that increases the presence of killer cells in the body. It is necessary to avoid conflicts and scandals, which also have a negative effect on the immune system. But in drinking you should not deny yourself, especially with dry air, which causes drying of the mucous membrane. The amount of liquid you drink should not be less than 2.5 liters.

About the walk in the fresh air was said enough, so no one will deny their usefulness. Humidification of the mucous membrane of the mouth and pharynx promotes chewing gum, and, consequently, there is a natural protection against viruses. Enough ten-minute chewing after eating. For breakfast, give preference to oatmeal, which you will greatly contribute to strengthening your own immune system. Beef and dairy products, rich in zinc, make it difficult to penetrate into the body of many pathogens. Also, try to sing more in a suitable setting, because during the singing process, the production of immunoglobulin A, which is an anti-infectious substance, occurs. Online Payday Loans Provider 2017



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