Advantages and disadvantages of reinforced concrete structures

Reinforced concrete structures are used in the construction of any building. Reinforced concrete is a material in which the concrete structure is supplemented with iron reinforcement. The main advantage of this material is that concrete can be used to provide resistance to compression, and steel - to prevent stretching. Concrete itself can well cope with compression loads. However, he can withstand the tensile load much worse. The armature, made of steel, copes well with both tensile and compressive stresses. Consequently, reinforced concrete is a very strong material.
Strength of reinforced concrete structures is ensured by a combination of the properties of concrete and steel reinforcement. In the construction of reinforced concrete, these materials become a monolithic construction, due to the resulting clutch force between them. Consequently, the reinforcement and concrete together exert resistance to the load.
Reinforced concrete structures are not exposed to sudden changes in temperature. This is ensured by the fact that concrete and steel are characterized by approximately the same coefficients of linear expansion. Thanks to this, a monolithic construction is created, resistant to external influences.
In the process of building reinforced concrete can take any architectural forms, which after its solidification will last very long.
Reinforced concrete is resistant to fire. This property causes widespread use of reinforced concrete, as it ensures the safety of the premises. Costs for care, as well as maintenance of structures made of reinforced concrete are rather small.
Unlike many materials, the strength of reinforced concrete does not decrease over time. Therefore, external unfavorable factors are frightening to such constructions, and they can serve considerably more than any other material.
Like any building material, reinforced concrete has certain drawbacks. The main weight is a large weight of structures, which does not allow free movement of finished products over long distances. When using reinforced concrete in the construction of houses, the foundation must be very strong, as reinforced concrete exerts a heavy load on it and can lead to the formation of cracks. Sometimes the problem of great weight is solved using hollow structures that have thin walls.
Reinforced concrete is characterized by high thermal conductivity. Accordingly, during construction work, it is necessary to comply with the technology, because at the end of the work they will not be able to remodel them. Попробуйте на своем опыте дженерики для потенции и выберите лучший.



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