Pets in the family

We often humanize pets. Meanwhile, their & quot; bestial & quot; nature from time to time takes its toll, born instincts often break free. To many of them we are quite tolerant, but some animal habits can significantly complicate the life of us, the owners. In a city apartment to really realize the hunting instinct there is nowhere an animal, and it should be content with that is.

There are times when kittens scratch and bite your legs, that is, what is most accessible to them. If your legs are dear to you, you should not provoke and encourage such behavior. Stop the kitten stern & quot; not allowed! & Quot ;. Together with this, give the child the opportunity to show their habits in the game. You will need a piece of paper on ropes, balls, toy mice. As for real hunting - this is a separate issue. Some cats manage to catch birds even on the balcony. Outside the city, their prey can be not only birds, but also butterflies, mice, moles and other creatures. If the cat has brought a bird, try to take it out of the cat's mouth. It is advisable in this even tone to talk with the cat, but do not scold and do not drive it. If the bird can fly away, release it. Otherwise, remove the bird, but do not leave it as a toy. Cats have a number of other instinctual aspirations: to have a secluded corner, sharpen claws and others. If you do not organize these moments so that it is convenient for the animal, and you, having bought a special column for grinding the claws, a cozy house, the cat will do it yourself. But your interests will not be taken into account.

A special theme in the dog's life is a walk. Here, instincts literally turn out to be free. In the nearest park your setter can arrange a hunt for ducks adorning the local pond. Or to provoke the fall of the cyclist, categorizing him to the objects of the persecution. A dachshund, a dog for northerners, can dig the ground even in an outdoor pot with a flower! Many dogs also do not disdain to lie in what lies on the ground, for example, in a dead bird, following the innate desire to get rid of their smell before the start of hunting for camouflage in front of the enemy. What to do with it? Many instincts can be weakened if we do the training in time: wean the dog to eat garbage, pursue moving objects (cars, bicycles), teach us how to get along with the cat. When training, the breed of dog is taken into account. For example, the shepherd's guard instinct is more developed than that of hunting dogs. To hedge against undesirable consequences, let the dog move more, visit the dog platform, avoid undeserved punishments and, finally, try to understand its way of thinking and behavior. это самый актуальный и удобный каталог всех мировых видеочатов. В одном месте, с подробным описанием и скриншотами, без регистрации. Чат рулетка со случайными пользователями



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