The long wanderings of the Ukrainian short meter

Within the framework of the Odessa International Film Festival there were two programs of short films. This is the "Ukrainian National Film Award. Short Meter "and" Odessa Cinematographers Present ". The very formulation of the question of the genus is Ukrainian shorts, and there are some very interesting Odessa. Although it happened by itself, according to the program director of the OIFF Alik Shpilyuk, the Odessa short films were separated into a separate program, because there were quite a lot of them, so the organizers wanted to show that something was happening in the cinematic environment.

The Odessa program is presented as something bright, and shows take place at an open area - the Langeron Staircase, on the one hand, which allows you to show films to a larger audience, and on the other, can simply kill all the tragedy or romanticism of certain pictures, drowning them in the noise and humor of the wits. Still open areas are better taken by classics or already well-known films of directors who managed to be realized. This is something like how to make a theatrical actor perform in the square: there may be a triumph, or it may end in a fiasco. Also, the Odessa short meter - this is not a contest, but simply shows to Odessa citizens and guests of the festival about Odessa citizens on Odessa themes in Odessa's exteriors. Therefore, what are the differences between these two programs apart from a purely formal sign: Odessa and Ukrainian (that is, all the other short films)?

Who are these people - filmmakers?

The Ukrainian program The majority of participants are somehow connected with KNUTKiT them. Ivan Karpenko-Kary.

Odessa program: Almost none of the directors has the education of a director.

Main theme:

Q: Social problems and their revision (where they come from, how they develop and where they lead).

A: Romantic. Emotional experiences.


Q: The mapping of reality as it is, frozen at a certain point in time.
A: Tell the story and show the hero's changes.

Type of movie:

Q: Documentary and feature films.
A: Only game pictures.

Technical component:

Approximately at the same level.

Quantitative component:

It is obvious that it is possible to select quality films for the Ukrainian program substantially more than for the Odessa one.

It would seem, why then Odessa short films will not win significant European festivals, if at first glance they are not very much inferior to their all-Ukrainian colleagues? Consider this with the example of the famous "Nuclear Waste" by Miroslav Slaboshpitsky, who are winning. Why this picture caused such an agiotage abroad, but the domestic viewer, if it aroused some passion, then perhaps as the winner of the film festival in Locarno. The essence of the film lies in the disclosure of almost Kafkaian metaphor: nuclear waste - this is really the people themselves (that is, the characters of the film). For the Western world, such social search is exotic, something like how we see pictures about drought in Africa or the deprivation of the Roma of the world.

Very paradoxical is the fact that the films of young Odessa directors are much closer to the western context of short films. Usually the main thing in import directors is the desire to tell the story and convey emotions, experiences and development. This is what Odessa citizens are doing, in contrast to their Ukrainian counterparts. Take at least the story of "Silence", which reveals the metaphor: every person kills what he loves. Most of the screen time before us unfolds a very romantic picture in the form of a history of hidden motives, which in the end ends in a cruel, cold-blooded murder. If we compare fairly literally, then, remove this scenario, the directors from the Ukrainian contest, with a high degree of probability, one would expect concentrated anger, emptiness and logical completion in the form of murder - no surprise, exceptional forcing. Looking for outsourcing web development ? Check and contact us.



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