Do you play computer games?

Do you play computer games at Also you read articles about novelties in the game world? Maybe even discuss them on the forums? Well, the diagnosis is clear: you, my friend, a gamer! It seems that you have already had the first symptoms of chronic interest, not only to classical games, but also to multiplayer ones. But for an inexperienced gamer, jumping from the cliff downwards or shooting at your allies may not be the best experience in MMO games.

So let me give you some tips on how to take the first step into the world of online games.

Do not do this!

Do not be aggressive towards other players and do not insult them. Aggressive behavior is a direct way either to getting a ban in the game from its creators, or getting into the "Black List" of the majority of players and at best ignoring you by the gaming community. If you want to have fun in the game - behave politely towards the others.

Do not troll. Many players spend many hours planning and organizing certain actions in the game, studying positions, building tactics and calculating chances. If you see such training, try to stay as far as possible and not interfere in what is happening. Any of your interference, conscious or not, can destroy the plans of the other player, and this is the easiest way to provoke him into enmity and an attack directed at you already.

Do not fake your own. Strangely enough, the meaning of the team game is in the game the whole team. Remember: even if you managed to improve personal results by using someone from the team as a bait or "cannon fodder", the team results will eventually deteriorate, and at the same time yours. The same applies to the situation when one of the team members is attacked, and you do not seek to help him together. If the team can not rely on you, then you will not be able to rely on it at the critical moment of the game.

Do not give out personal information. Never tell anyone your phone number, home address, credit card details and password and login in the game. None of the players and developers this information is not needed, and no one has the right to demand it from you. Seriously, there's nothing to discuss here. Just do not do it!



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