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Who is an architect and what is his task? Why do we need a designer? The answers are not obvious. For the most part, the architect is engaged in ordinary form-building, and the designer simply arranges objects in the room, according to his own, only to him one guided idea of ​​the beautiful. The architect is the creator. He forms the world around him. The whole environment in which humanity lives is the fruit of the work of architects. They think through the whole chain, from the city to the apartment. The designer is also an architect, but at the micro level - his task is to make spaces created by the architect fit for life, to make them individual, to give each one his own face.

The architect is the creator. Where does he get inspiration, from whom to learn? Obviously! Nature has created a unique, complex and harmonious environment! It laid down all the principles on which the whole architecture rests. Infinite variety of complex forms, based on the same, repeatedly repeated modules. All tectonic principles are laid in natural forms. Every detail is thought out to the last detail.

To the smallest detail, all the connections are thought through, all the functional interaction of the parts inside the whole - nothing superfluous! For millions of years of life, she created a perfect impeccable ecosystem - energy-efficient, convenient for all creatures that live in it. Humanity is less complex organism, but also architects are engaged in creation of the environment of its habitation not so long. We are still in the initial stage of searching for those forms that are best suited to human life. We can not yet boast of the comfort of our cities or the comfort of our homes. Our attitude to nature also remains consumer. Essentially, all settlement systems can and must be revised! All communications within and outside of cities should be reduced and optimized, and some of them should be abandoned altogether. Energy efficiency, rational functional zoning, allocation of areas and communication with the surrounding natural world - all this work has yet to be done so that a person really feels comfortable in this artificial environment.

Architecture and design should direct other branches of science in the right direction - this is precisely their vocation. Each building should be inextricably linked with the place where it should be - there should not be two identical houses, as there are no two identical leaves on the tree - this is the task of the architect. There can not be two identical apartments, for there are no two identical people, and the dwelling of man is its continuation. This is the designer's task. So you can build a comfortable and cozy environment. Jared Kushner Bio: - influential investor, developer



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