What is interesting Seychelles?

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Population: Creoles - 95%, African riot, Chinese Indians,. Language: English, French, Creole dialect. Main religion: Catholicism. Capital: Victoria (Mahe Island).

The Republic of Seychelles is located near the equator, northeast of Fr. Madagascar. It covers an area of ​​405 km. sq and represents 115 islands, most of which are coral atolls. But several of the largest are the only islands in the world, which basically consist of granite. In ancient times, the Gondwanaland continent existed on the site of the current archipelago, which disappeared when the Indian continent and South Africa divided. As a result of such changes on the islands - the remains of an ancient continent - a terrific relief was formed. Boulders are pink in color, like a mosaic on snow-white sandy beaches, among the riot of colors of rare tropical plants. Since the Seychelles, which are often compared with the virgin garden of paradise, calling it "the lost paradise", were uninhabited for a long time, wonderful flora and fauna, including many rare bird species, have been preserved in their original form.

 You can visit the bird sanctuary (La Digue island) and national parks (Mahe island, Praslin). Virgin rainforests are completely safe for travel, today they are found mainly outlandish birds and butterflies.

The empty islands were previously a haven of pirates, and later treasures were found here, and treasure hunters have not calmed down to this day. The history of Seychelles is the history of a colonial country, and the signs, traditions of colonial life are preserved in a rich national museum, and simply in the everyday unhurried life of the local population.

The cleanest Seychelles beaches with white, pinkish low tide sand are some of the most famous in the world, and the beach entertainment industry is well developed. Any water sports, diving, diving into the underwater world of amazing marine inhabitants ... On the beach "Anse Royale" you will be offered a show trip called "Jules Verne". From the platform in the ocean, you go down the stairs in a special suit directly to the ocean floor and take a walk along it, making "underwater photos" as a keepsake.

Seychelles allows you to fully "fence off" from civilization, because, in addition to noisy beaches, there are a lot of secluded places where you will not meet a soul; many uninhabited islands. Although there is a saying that the Seychelles is a "five-star nature and three-star service", however, recently many hotels here have undergone reconstruction and received a "rebirth", changing the quality of services and upgrading their category.

Due to the small distances (the largest island - Mahe - 27 km long and 8 m wide) - it is quite possible to travel in the Seychelles by bicycle or even on foot, it is easy to get from one island to another by boat or helicopter.

Local Creole cuisine is very original. It is a combination of French, English and Indian traditions. The dishes are widely used spices, coconut milk and seafood, not to mention the great variety of different types of exotic fruits.

 Here you can try a banana dessert, shrimp with all kinds of sauces, shatini from shark, octopus with coconut sauce and even a special delicacy - bats meat ... However, for those who are not a supporter of such delights, many restaurants offer a wide selection of European dishes the kitchen. 



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