Cha Zhang in the film "The 17th parallel: days and nights"

This was in 1963. At the III Moscow Festival, the film, in which the beginning Vietnamese actress Cha Zhang played the main role, was awarded a silver prize. The jury especially noted the talented work of the actress. This award was the beginning of her acting biography. And in 1973, at the VIII Moscow, Cha Zhang was awarded herself - a prize for the best performance of the female role. Between the two awards, between the films "You're Hao Girl" and "The 17th Parallel: Days and Nights" in which the actress played the main roles, and the creative biography of Cha Zhang is enclosed. However, the biography of this has its own prehistory, which in many respects determined those films in which the prizewinner of Moscow festivals is most likely to be removed.

- I was born in the south of Vietnam, in the family of a theatrical director, and my father's profession, naturally, determined in some way my artistic destiny. But, probably, much more important is the other side of his activity: he was in the guerrillas, participated in the battles with the invaders, and I think I recognized some of his features in the character of the hero of my last picture "The 17th Parallel," a professional revolutionary who He was forced to withdraw from the south to the north, hiding from persecution. My conscious life began in the north, I graduated from high school in Hanoi, participated in amateur performances, dreamed of becoming an actress and eventually entered a film school directed by the Soviet director Azhdar Ibrahimov. It was in 1959, and since 1962, when I finished my studies, I played more than a dozen major roles in the cinema. I always dreamed of playing in such films that tell about South Vietnam, about my homeland, about people who impressed me with their struggle, their heroism, their self-sacrifice ... I bow to them.

And so I gladly accepted the offer to play the role of Ziu in the two-part epic painting "The 17th parallel: Days and Nights", which covers the decade of our country's life - from the signing of the Geneva Agreements on Vietnam in 1954 to the creation of the National Liberation Front of the Republic of South Vietnam. Like all the Vietnamese, I dreamed of the reunification of our country, of the world, and the film is dedicated to this, and so I played it with a special feeling.

When I was approved for this role, I went to the area where the film takes place, I met people who took part in the people's liberation struggle, listened to their stories, and it helped me understand my heroine, a simple peasant woman who came to conscious struggle for freedom. And one more thing: it seemed to me that I was playing in this film as if the continuation of my other role - the girl You are Hao, fighting against the invaders, at that time French.

Our picture was filmed during the war, now the peace has finally come to Vietnam, but its strengthening requires a lot of effort, and our main task remains the same - to fight for the reunification of the people, truthfully, by others, by peaceful means. And I will be in films that participate in this fight together with the whole people, with the whole country. And specifically, we will start shooting the film, which will become a kind of continuation of the "17th parallel".



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