It is advisable to combine the activities of hunting enterprises

The primacy of the activities of the all-Union body must be a hunting-oriented orientation, that is, protection, reproduction and rational use of the animal world in a state of natural freedom. In my opinion, the transfer of this function to other, seemingly related management bodies, in particular forest management, will only complicate the problem. Within the framework of an alien organism, hunting economy will always be considered as an artificial appendage.

I join the supporters of the idea of ​​creating an all-Union body for the management of hunting economy on the basis of the now existing Glavokhota of the RSFSR. Of course, it is necessary to change the structure of this organization and a number of functions. In the conditions of the restructuring of our life, the administrative and bureaucratic functions of the Glavohota of the USSR should be minimized, giving maximum freedom to the lower levels, and the fundamental decisions to take on the basis of the study of the opinions of the hunting and hunting community. The priority activity of the all-Union body should be the development and monitoring of the implementation of strategic tasks of the hunting economy, communication with industry, access to the foreign market. By the way, today it seems an anachronism that producing hunting products that are so scarce all over the world, in particular furs, and supplying it through various departments abroad, hunting enterprises do not have a penny of foreign currency deductions or scarce imports from the total aggregate foreign exchange income of the state. An even greater anachronism is the unprofitability of hunting products in many enterprises.

It is quite expedient to unite the existing lines of activity of hunting enterprises, subordinated to one all-Union body. And the production (fishing), and amateur (sports) directions one goal - the optimization of the development of naturally renewable resources of the animal world. The difference in specific tasks (the first direction is designed to produce specific commodity products, the second - to ensure active rest of the adherents of the hunt, that is, to provide a specific form of service) does not at all imply an artificial division by departments.

From the point of view of fulfilling the common goal, these two tasks can be more successfully resolved at the level of modern industrial farms, state farms, state forestry enterprises, and where they do not exist - within the regional societies, the registered farms of Rosokhotrybolovsoyuz, military hunters, the Dynamo society, etc. At present different departments are guided by one of the activities: either to the production, or to the service. In the economic plan it is more economical and, therefore, to effectively solve these problems in one enterprise, in one department.

We forgot that the hunter (with a small exception) one person, one soul, one passion. In favor of which department to separate these components?

In a single all-union body, it would be quite possible to combine these main lines of activity of hunting farms? on the basis of specialized departments. The department of amateur (sports) hunting could have an independent balance, and legally exist as a tenant.

I understand that the author's orientation is far from indisputable. But it is absolutely necessary to discuss the issue widely through the publication of the project of the Glavokhota of the USSR in our esteemed journal. Initiative for the creation of a "project" should be undertaken by research organizations, primarily the Central Research Institute of Glavokhoty of the RSFSR and VNIIOZ them. prof. BM Zhitkova.

We will not solve the main organizational problem - not to solve us and others. Actually, we will not be able to carry out any large-scale business of reorganizing hunting economy. There are a lot of problems, but in the rigid framework of the printed space I dare to dwell on two. Today Weather in Toronto find on the site



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