Break up spell – Signs that you can get back together after a divorce

For many people a divorce means the end of the relationship with no chance of getting back together. According to psychologists, there are three groups of people:
Those who consider their ex-spouse an enemy – 20%;
Those who try to stay friends with their ex-spouse – 15%;
Those who have to see their spouse once in a while for various reasons (because they have children, joint business, property division issues) – 40%;
Those who still love their ex-spouse and want to give their relationship a second chance – 25%.
As you see, quite many people would like to get back with their ex-spouse after a divorce and you, dear reader, can be one of them. You are the one we wrote this article for using the information presented at, a website containing a lot of useful content about family and personal life. In this article we will talk about the signs indicating you and your ex-spouse can start over after a divorce.

It does not matter why you got divorced – because of a fight, one of you got a lover, boredom or a break up spell (if you believe in magic, of course). If the below signs are present in your life, you have a good chance of getting back together after a divorce.
Sign number one – your ex-spouse is single. Very few people actually enjoy being single, while most people do not like it and it makes them depressed. But remember that timelines are critical here. Thus, if your ex-spouse is single in a month or even in a year after you got divorced, it does not mean anything. Perhaps, your ex-spouse does not want to date anyone for still recovering after the divorce. Your ex-spouse not dating anyone is a good sign for you if he or she has been single and has not had even one-night stands or short-term love affairs in a few years.

Another sign is when your ex-spouse is still mad at you. Do you remember that saying about a thin line between love and hate? Well, if your ex-spouse still hates you and is mad at you and remembers everything you did hurting his or her feelings, it does not mean you cannot get your ex back as if a break a couple up spell has been put on you. Psychologists studying people after a divorce have arrived at a different conclusion. They claim that the person having negative feelings towards you still has not crossed you out of their life. For some reason the painful memories are still in their head. For this reason, you have a change to turn this person’s hatred towards you into love for you, provided you know what to do.
Another reason is when you are good together. Many spouses get divorced not because of a break up spell put on them, such as a break up spell with lemon, but because they are too stupid to see they are right for each other. Thus, they get tired at work but blame the spouse for it. They make mistakes and blame the spouse for it, too. Some who fail to achieve success get jealous of their more successful wives and husbands. As a result, the spouses break up despite the fact that they still love each other. They just forgot about it due to some financial or other everyday life problems.

Offer your ex-spouse to meet and talk. Go to a movie, have dinner at a restaurant, or just take a walk in the park. What if you are still like being together, have a lot in common, and have fun together? If that is the case, both of you will understand that your divorce was a mistake and hopefully decide to give your relationship another chance.
Another sign is when you have a lot in common and like the same things. Spouses who have been living together for more than 50 years have similar tastes, habits, opinions, goals and interests. So make a list writing down the things that set you apart and the things you have in common. If you have more in common than the things setting you apart, give your love another chance. But before you do it, try to understand why you got divorced despite having all those things in common and try to avoid it in the future or put up with the things that you did not like about your spouse and which made you want to get a divorce (if you were the one offering it).

We would like to make one remark: It has been proven that the spouse who was not the one offering a divorce has a better chance of restoring the break up spells marriage. Thus, this spouse has a 50% chance of success. If the spouse who offered a divorce tries to get back together, this spouse will succeed 3 times out of 20. Please pay attention to this very important nuance and remember who you are: the one who offered a divorce or the one a divorce was offered to, and act accordingly.
According to esoteric specialists, spells to break up a couple are real and they have destroyed many families. In our opinion it is usually the spouses’ fault. If you feel guilty, there is hope to change it and get your ex-spouse back. Should you do it? Let us turn to statistics again to answer this question. Statistically, divorce rates are very low in spouses after remarrying. However, this is true only if both the spouses are interested in making their relationship work and keeping it alive.



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