Business Idea: Contemporary Fortuneteller

Let's talk about a somewhat exotic kind of earnings, namely, to invest in buying special electronic programs. For example, a business idea is the realization of an electronic fortune teller. First let's see what it is. At us in the country there are special devices which can answer any, the most ticklish question. The income of such a device is not much, not small, about 6,000 US dollars a month. The figure is impressive! The principle of operation is quite simple - drop a coin, ask a question, get an answer.

This is the principle of the eagle and tails. Only chance, perhaps each of us at least once, but said whether it will be and went to the game with fate. The famous lines of the song "Well, what can I say, what can I say, people are so arranged, they want to know, they want to know what will be" - the words of a gypsy speak eloquently about human nature. Paustovsky in his "Tale of Life" also told about the organ-grinder with a parrot, which pulled out pieces of paper with predictions.

So why not implement such a business idea? After all, it is tested not by one generation. If you do not yet have a sufficient amount of capital, to purchase an electronic device, buy a parrot on the bird market. To teach him not tricky manipulations will not be difficult, because the wavy parrot is a pretty smart bird. Start training with overcoming fear in the chick before a large number of people. Then you can train in the circle of your relatives and friends. Noisy feast is an excellent field for the first entry. When you bring his skills to automatism, you can go to the beginning of earnings.

Prepare the props, print out as many different predictions as possible on colored paper. Call them tickets of happiness, and do not worry, you do not commit fraud, because everything is in the hands of Her Majesty Fate. The amount you take is not large, within 10 rubles. Such money is not a pity to the passer-by and you can attract attention. Well, if you pick up and for yourself a bright, shocking costume. It's not bad to stylize the organ-grinder, it will add mystery, and will cause curiosity among the audience. After all, adults are only pretended to be adults, in the soul everyone believes in a miracle. Do not dwell only on predictions, offer to be photographed with your little, feathered artist.

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