Battlefield 3 - The tactics of modern warfare

& quot; Plans are changing - we are performing right now & quot; - told Lieutenant Hawkins and we flew to the combat mission. And then to Iran, Paris, to the Russians, here we are in New York, once - and already the credits. Stop stop stop. And where is the promised single-player company with chic graphics, Hollywood special effects and absolutely unique gameplay. Was it she? Why so fast?

Battlefield 3 - two games in one. Strictly speaking, they should be evaluated separately. But nevertheless 590r. we pay for everything together. Probably now I will express quite an unpopular opinion, but the single player game Battlefield 3 is not quite successful. And it's not even akin to your main competitor. The company & quot; lean & quot ;. This is again a set of not very memorable locations, successively replacing each other. This again opponents from nowhere. This is again the mountains of corpses shredded by a team of 3 competent chefs. But this is not a war. No.

The thread of the narrative is not felt. The story is rather crumpled and inconsistent. Heroes are motivated, but not to the end. Lyapov enough. It creates the feeling that the plot was written as in Crytek - on his knee, at lunch breaks.
It turned out too much & quot; not & quot ;. No, the game is not as bad as written in the first three paragraphs. Pros not less than minuses, even more. And the largest of them runs a red thread through the entire series. This is a multiplayer. Chic, colorful, innovative, team. It is difficult to overestimate. He wants to come back again and again. Once again. I often found myself in the deep night at the console with the thought & quot; another round-and-sleep. "

The projectiles are torn, the planes are flying over your head, on the side of the comrade, no longer, he was killed by a sniper's bullet, you are already in a tank, you control a helicopter, you fly with a parachute into the enemy's rear. Your team won. Wow. This is really cool.
Multiplayer is dynamic, does not let you get bored. Feels a serious rethinking of multiplayer mechanics Battlefield BC2. The maps are interesting and colorful. Represents great interest from a tactical point of view. Destruction is not complete, but is present. Unlike Call Of Duty, the support of the team is felt. In 30% of the cases of obtaining a critical dose of lead, a physician comes to you on the feet, and the shooter throws the ammunition.

Another serious plus Battlefield 3 - the level of graphics technology. MW3 comes out on the same engine as MW2. New & quot; battles & quot; was created on a completely new engine, developers pride, Frostbite 2.0. And this is a true step forward. With a fairly moderate demand for resources, the graphics level is unique. This is really the most beautiful game to date, picking the crown of the championship in "Cruise". The graphics are very solid and complete, the textures are beautiful, and the models are not a bit angular. But most of all, the light is amazing. He really dynamic and very natural.

But the new engine has not only advantages. Many players (including me) met with various bugs of the game - from the constant relegation of the game to the inability to connect to the game servers. By the way, if the game crashes, try to remove the overclocking of the video card (even if it's factory), it helps from many bugs Battlefield 3.

The review turned out to be ambiguous and maybe not very consistent, however, like the game itself. Someone will like it, some will not. She completely did not justify my expectations. But still, from the multiplayer, I expected even less. A separate kick deserves EA with its idiotic Origin. Of course, like any unfinished online system, on the day the sales began, Origin disconnected the servers and PC gamers remained sitting to suck their paws, enviously looking at the consolers. Unpleasant? And how...

Final score Battlefield 3 - 8,5 points. Despite not very prominent gameplay of the single-player part and bugs, multiplayer and graphics make Battlefield 3 on the pedestal of premium games. I know Buy CVV and dumps



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