Architecture is the most important area of ​​ideology.

What is the originality of the architecture of Moscow? What are the reasons for losing it and what is necessary for its preservation and development? The questions asked have long been concerned about Muscovites, and not only them. This is evidenced by the guests of the capital - Soviet and foreign. This is indicated by the workers and the creative intelligentsia. Finally, professional architects talk and write about it.

The common place of many theoretical works, articles, speeches was the indisputable position that architecture is the most important area of ​​ideology, that architecture carries in its general form the main ideas of its time, that artistic ideas in architecture dialectically turn into practical activity, actively shaping the worldview person

All this is in theory, and everyone agrees. However, practice does not always correspond to theory. In Moscow (as well as in many other cities), faceless houses, monotonous and monotonous residential areas, a little resembling architectural structures of industrial facilities, proliferate.

The concept of the originality of architecture is inextricably linked with the more general and capacious concept - the artistic image. The bright artistic image arises as a result of the creative understanding of the social and functional task of the author. And only by the author! The peculiarity of the architectural structure is derived from the talent of its creator.

At the same time, it is necessary to clearly realize that architectural creativity is conditioned by social order and material possibilities. The well-known position of F. Engels that “freedom is a conscious need” can be applied very precisely to architectural creativity. Indeed, the conditionality of the urban situation, the surrounding buildings, and material possibilities leads to a well-defined, concrete architectural solution. However, it is important that this need be “known.” The real situation in which the author works, in most cases, figuratively speaking, is not amenable to cognition.

The endless coordination of the project is one of the main reasons for the loss of identity of the architecture of Moscow. On this occasion, it was rightly said at the XXVII Congress of the CPSU: "In the agreements, which on simple issues last for years, choke." In these agreements, the original author's intention undergoes the most unforeseen changes, depending on the tastes of the persons considering the project and the departmental interests of the organizations. So, it is no secret that over the past few years, personal taste has dictated the leveling of the Moscow silhouette, imposing building not under the eaves typical of Moscow. You can call a lot of objects, coordination of which lasts for years and even decades. Cyprus Escort Directory of independent high class companions, touring Escorts, escort agencies and Cyprus call girls, erotic models. Escorts Nicosia, Larnaca, Paphos and Escort Ayia Napa. Offering both - incall and outcall Escorts services, all Escorts are verified and hand picked, making sure we provide only the best.



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