Albania - A new place to stay

Albania - A new place to stay
As everyone knows, relax at popular resorts in Turkey and Egypt because of the political situation has not yet come out. However, there are a large number of countries that are in no way inferior to its beauty and accessibility. The Republic of Albania fully satisfies these requirements. Despite the fact that this country is not the most popular destination, it should not lose sight of, especially since Russian citizens do not need a visa to visit this country.
Albania is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and has a large number of pristine beaches and unexplored attractions.
Relax on the beach
The Republic of Albania has a mild climate where the average temperature during the warm season comes to 32 degrees, however, this heat transfer is easy, due to a light breeze blowing from the coast. Beach season starts around the beginning of May and ends only in the middle of autumn, when the water in the sea is still warm enough.
Prices on vacation in Albania are considered to be quite low, and during the season could not do more for less.
In contrast to the above-mentioned Turkey and Egypt, Albania boasts absolutely free beaches and all that they are located. While Albanian beaches do not differ a lot of people, but they have crystal clear water.
Hotels of this state have a good service and cheap prices. The price, in most cases, includes breakfast and dinner.
In addition to a large number of beaches in Albania has many attractions that are worth visiting. That only is the city of Berat, which has the unparalleled architecture, various museums and ancient churches, relating back to the Ottoman Empire.
Another interesting city - Gjirokastra. It is under the auspices of UNESCO, and here there is definitely something to see. There is a real market where you can buy different souvenirs to help preserve the memory of a trip to this amazing country.
Albania, a country that occupies a small area, but there are 13 national parks, which will leave an unforgettable impression in nature. Each of them is beautiful in its own way, because in this country there are mountains, coastline, forests and lakes.
 This country is worth it to visit it, for its diversity, it will be able to meet the needs of any tourist. buy dumps



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